Security Tips In Payment Gateway For Online Food Ordering System

Security Tips In Payment Gateway For Online Food Ordering System

Online payment system is as common as online shopping itself. Gone are the days when users will be too skeptical about making online payments and opt for cash in delivery. In spite of the ease that online payment offers, care needs to be taken that the domain is safe enough. Checking the safety is important for you before you give away your bank details and confidential card number.

Restaurants have come up with online ordering system through which customers can place their food order online and get it delivered. That’s not all, they also have the scope to reserve their dinner table online and reach the spot within time avoiding the mad rush outside restaurants. Online table reservation usually does not require making any payment online. But if you place food order online, then you need to make online payment as well for them to process your order.

While making online payment, it is important you keep in mind a few important tips. These tips will help you know that you are in a safe zone. It will help you identify the online food ordering system that is safe and secure for you to use.

•              Search for the Lock – Refrain from performing any online transaction where the website does not have SSL encryption installed. SSL is commonly known as secure sockets layer. The icon of a locked padlock needs to be in the status bar of the web browser, this is symbolic of the fact that the payment gateway is kept locked and private.  Credit card details should never be exchanged with anyone through your email.

•              Be Careful of the Confidential Numbers the System Wants – Online food ordering system will never ask for your social security number. In case they ask for it, think of other options because this number is not asked usually. Credit card details can do a lot of damage to your bank account. This is the main reason to stay cautious and check the system thoroughly before divulging bank details.

•              Check Your Statements – Most people wait till the end of the month to get their statements. But never wait that long, instead go online and check your transaction statements immediately. Fraudulent charges can come from sites as good as PayPal as well. So make sure you are quick enough to check statements and take necessary actions if things go wrong.

•              Privatize Your Wi-Fi – You need to be very sure about your Wi-Fi connections and keep it private. Access the web over VPN which is also known as virtual private network. It is better not to trust hotspot if you are not too familiar with it. Entering this zone can lead to further complications.

•              Use Strong Passwords – This pointer comes as no surprise because strong password is the basic that all account holders are well aware of. Your password should be the perfect balance between numbers, characters and symbols.

If you can keep a close eye on the above mentioned facts when planning to make an online transaction, chances are high that you will stay safe.