See The World With The Roof Down!

If you’re planning on taking a summer holiday in the coming months, you might be tempted to rent a vehicle while you’re away. While some tourists like nothing more than a week or two of sunbathing and doing very little, there are plenty more who prefer to limit their relaxation and to get behind the wheel to do some exploring. Whether the vacation is in Australia or Zaire, there is bound to be a significant number of fascinating locations which are well worth a visit.
Needless to say, the choice of hire vehicle is always a matter of personal taste, and there are many factors to take into consideration before signing a rental agreement. First and foremost, the size of the car is a major issue, because there’s no point in hiring a small hatchback, for example, if it’s to be used by a large family. In no time at all, the lack of space will make every journey, even the shortest ones, a stressful and uncomfortable experience for both drivers and passengers.

Live life, love life, feel free!
One intriguing option for holiday-makers is to hire a convertible in order to truly enjoy the vacation. There’s something wonderfully freeing about driving along wide roads with the roof down, especially on sunny afternoons when the sea is the backdrop. Motoring can be something of a chore when we’re back home commuting to and from work every day, but it can be an absolute pleasure when we’re abroad, especially when there are plenty of interesting things to see along the way.
In many of the traditional summer holiday resorts, such as those in Spain, Greece and Italy, car rental companies often have stocks of jeep-style vehicles for hire. Although these cars may not be particularly suitable for use at home, they can be perfect for tourists who are looking for something that’s a little break from the norm. As well as being light, airy and easy to drive, they always look particularly funky.
It should be pointed out that all holiday hire cars, including jeeps, can expect to take a bit of a battering during the course of a summer, so it makes sense to keep a close eye on any wear and tear issues before signing the acceptance papers. A thorough investigation of the bodywork, the tyres and the interior upholstery is highly recommended, and once you’re satisfied with the condition of the car all that’s left for you to do is find the open road and have some fun.
David Showell lives in the south-east of England and loves hiring cars when he’s on vacation. He works for a company that provides cheap ferry tickets to the general public.