Selecting A Solar Installer? Here’s 4 Must Read Tips

Is Your Solar Installation A Real Bargain? Four Key Considerations

Choosing the right solar installation company is the key to reducing total cost of ownership over time and getting the most value from your solar installation. The key reason that most homeowners and businesses avoid investing in solar, despite the long-term benefits, is the often high cost of the initial installation; however, you should also consider the quality of the installed components and the costs associated with servicing. Read this overview to understand the considerations in play.

Cost of Initial Installation
Whether a solar panel system is a bargain or not depends on the cost of installation relative to the amount of energy collected during a sunny day. The size of solar panels can vary according to manufacturer; some installers specialize in smaller or larger panels. To really understand whether you are getting a bargain, calculate the anticipated energy yield of the panels to figure the savings over time compared to the cost. You should compare several firms to understand who provides the most efficient panels.

Cost of Servicing Over Time
Unfortunately, some unscrupulous contractors design and install solar panels in such a way that regular servicing is virtually inevitable. Just to give one example: When solar panels are protected by glass, rapid heating and cooling of the glass may result in warping and lead to replacement. Cases can be so severe that the underlying panel requires a full replacement. Consider factors such as the overall casing of the solar panel system — glass or plastic? — and the chemical composition of any coatings used.

Service Agreements and Warranties
While the question of the solar panel’s construction is an important one, it is perhaps not as important as the service agreement or lack thereof offered by the installation company. Companies with low-cost service agreements and warranties have greater incentive to verify that your panels are installed correctly the first time and will not require constant maintenance. Ensure that you understand the details of all agreements, including any circumstances under which your panels may lose warranty coverage.

Reputation and Testimonials
In this day and age, it is extremely easy for any unscrupulous company to fabricate a record of testimonials — including smiling photos of “clients” and even recorded messages for you to view online. Finding the real story can be a challenge: Look for reputable sources such as the Better Business Bureau and the local chamber of commerce to reassure yourself of the firm’s reputation. You can also use such sources to learn important details, such as how long the company has been in business.

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