Selling To Horse Lovers Made Easy – Four Places To Bag That Sale

No matter how groundbreaking, life changing, or downright amazing your latest and greatest product is; bagging a sale doesn’t just happen. After the hard graft of making sure your new gizmo appeals to your audience, you then need to take the product to them. How else are they going to snap it up, if they don’t know it exists?

In the equestrian industry, we do things a little differently. While online marketing – including social media and email – may work for many companies, selling to horse lovers is a whole different ball game. The industry is jam-packed with competitors, peers, and your target customer. In such a tight knit community, fitting in is the key to standing out.

Selling to equine enthusiasts doesn’t have to be complicated though. There are four simple ways you can bag a sale in this industry. You can thank us later:


Whether you’re selling to jockeys at the races, families at show jumping, of competitors at dressage; your best chance of securing a sale is attending the events. As obvious as it may seem, many businesses forget all about this powerful selling tool.

A consistent presence at these events will help raise profile for your company. And your new, killer product. Race days are jam packed with spectators, trainers, competitors, and everyone in between. So, whether you’re offering up a farrier service, apparel, horse feed, or anything else; you’re bound to secure a few sales here.

Trade Fairs

Another hugely successful location where you’re sure to bag a sale or two is at a trade fair. Especially if you’re selling to other industry professionals, exhibitions make your job a little easier. With an eye catching display, well rehearsed pitch, and your winning product at hand; you’re sure to bag that sale.

The beauty of trade shows is that they are attended by likeminded, equestrian individuals. This means that you’re product can essentially sell itself. You should determine whether a show for industries-only, or one open to the public, suits your target audience best,


Sponsorship is mutually beneficial for both the company, and the rider involved. While you will have to make some sort of financial commitment – paying race fees, offering up free merchandise, or providing them with a specific product – you can reap the rewards.

In return for your sponsorship, your brand will be endorsed by the rider. This can take the form of apparel embroidered with your logo, word-of-mouth promotion, and lots more. This type of endorsement enlists trust in your brand. If people trust and recognise your brand, bagging a sale is much easier.


The final place to sell to fellow equine aficionados is via your website. Enlisting the help of a specialist design agency can help you wow your audience with a professional and aesthetically pleasing website. The design and branding of your site need to fit your product, ethos, and the industry you serve. A winning website will help you bag a sale in no time.

You don’t need an ecommerce site either. If your products are more niche, custom, or specific, you can simply use your website as a window to your company. Where possible, an ecommerce site will make buying from you easy, but you can experience success without it.

Selling to fellow equine businesses doesn’t have to be a difficult or daunting task. While the modern and favoured methods of online marketing are definitely something you should be employing; these methods shouldn’t be neglected. Mixing up your marketing is the perfect way to bag sales every time.

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