Sentimental: What To Do With Those Things You Just Can’t Throw Away

As we go through life there are many things that we like to keep as a reminder of important events and people that have been defining influences on our lives. The amount of items we collect seems to increase as the years roll on. We don’t always have the extra space these items require, or perhaps you would just like to have these items in a more visual place where you can see them often in your day to day life. Here are a few ideas of things you can do with them.

1. Create a Shadowbox

If the items you do not wish to dispose of are small enough, a shadow box is a great option. A shadow box is like a deeper and larger picture frame that you can use to organize and display your souvineers. The items you include do not have to have a specific theme. They may all be the same color scheme, or follow no specific order at all. That is the beauty of shadow boxes. Shadow boxes do not have to hang on the wall, but they can. You can also create a large shadow box out of a coffee table by using 2×4’s and plexiglass.


2. Collages

If your sentimental items are concert tickets, ballet programs, etc. using a large photo frame will allow you to display these items and enhance the mood of your chosen room. If you want a multiple frame look simply take out items that loosely match the frame size you want and frame those individually. Hang your large frame of mementos and surround it with the smaller frames. Of course, if your sentimental items are much wider than a piece of paper, you may need to stick with the shadow box.

3. Material/Cloth Items

Cloth items often retain a great amount of sentimentality. This is especially true for parents, or items from your parents or grandparents. Instead of having a tote full of cloth that will eventually ruin, take the cloth and have a patchwork blanket made from all the various materials. It is beautiful to see a quilt made from favorite old t-shirts, sports jerseys, baby clothes, or favorite dresses.

4. Share

If you have siblings or other family members who would also like to have something to remember a grandparent or other loved one by, you should share what you have. A complete set of dishes from your great grandmother that is never used will be just as appreciated if you keep key pieces and share the others with cousins or siblings.

Even if you are lucky enough to have the extra space for storage required for these items, you may come to the conclusion that it is better to see them occasionally, than to have them stuffed safe and sound in a box somewhere? Use these ideas from the article to get creative and find ways to incorporate your sentimental items into your every day life.

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