SEO Guides And Resources For Beginners

Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves developing and improving the design and content of a website to increase the amount of traffic or visitors it receives from the major search engines. There are many different ways to perform SEO including providing useful content, back linking and making sure that the website can be searched by different search engines. With enough time, effort and practice, it is possible even for regular folk to apply a variety of different SEO techniques to their own website and greatly improve its visibility on the Internet. There are many free resources available on the Internet regarding SEO and SEO techniques. These are only a few of those resources. Take the time to read and understand the basics and you will be applying a number of these techniques in no time.

SEO Starter Guides

SEOmoz Beginners Guide provides a comprehensive guide to understanding SEO. The information is divided into numerous chapters to make it easier to devote one’s time and attention to a specific aspect of SEO. There is information explaining how search engines work and how users utilize search engines as well as knowing how to pick the right keywords in order to draw the right market or audience for your website. This information is readily available on the website although readers can also choose to download the entire guide for free by registering a valid email address.
What Is SEO? (Guide) by Search Engine Land also utilizes the same strategy in presenting information with a few added inclusions. There is a video at the top which helps graphically illustrate how SEO works and its importance. Below the video is a periodic table which lists some of the factors which can affect the ranking of a website. Much of the information listed is devoted to informing the reader of the different factors involved in ranking websites and tips on how to take advantage of these factors. Links to other related guides and resources can also be found listed on the website.
What better way to gain a better understanding on SEO than by checking out information on one of the major search engines. Google’s Webmaster Tools also provides information about SEO as well as a few tips on how to choose SEO companies.

SEO Blogs

For more detailed information about SEO, there are plenty of websites and blogs to choose from. SEOmoz, Search Engine Land and Google’s Webmaster Central have blogs which specify information about different aspects concerning and related to SEO. Blogs can relay reviews about specific programs and tools, news and reports on what is happening in the industry and personal tidbits of information on what works in terms of techniques. There are numerous reliable blogs on SEO including blogs by Matt Cutts, SEO Book, Bruce Clay and Yoast among others. Some websites also feature a link to their company or business blog. These include  Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Roundtable and Conversation Marketing. Readers are advised to read as many sources of information as possible. Compare and try out a few techniques and programs to see what works. If possible, readers can also contact the author of these blogs or websites for clarification. Other than getting a better understanding of the topic, this can also help in expanding your network.

SEO Conferences

Self-teaching has its limitations as you can only get so far with reading and understanding material on your own. This is where contacting authors comes in. Reaching out to authors helps in clarifying information. Another technique is by attending and participating in various conferences. Conferences cater to people of different backgrounds and expertise in SEO. There are several advantages to attending such events. Participants get to meet and talk to experts in the field, hear about developments and new techniques, see what competitors are possibly doing as well as meet potential clients or business partners. There are several websites that are dedicated to listing SEO-related events and conferences. These include the SES Conference and Expo website, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Distilled Seach Love and SEOmoz MozCon. Interested participants can find conferences and other SEO-related events happening in their city, state or region. A quick search using major search engines can also yield different SEO-related events which may not be listed in these websites.
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