SEO Lessons From The Gigapixel Camera

We often use photos in our blog articles. The advancements in photographic technology resulted in the proliferation of images – generally good images.

Looking back a bit, we are so lucky to be recipients of the advances in digital imaging. From analog film cameras to digital SLRs. We often heard of “megapixel wars” but in the next few years it seems that it will turn into “gigapixel wars”.

How many gigapixels is your camera?

At present when we have a new camera, most people will ask you this question – how many megapixels is your camera? But in the future it will be a different story because we are not just talking about megapixels here but gigapixels.

Recently, a report regarding a gigapixel camera called AWARE-2 was released by The camera was developed for the US Department of Defense research agency DARPA. The current camera designs are limited to megapixels because of the design itself, the focal length limits, and the aperture limits.

So now, what’s so unique about this prototype and how can we relate this to SEO and link building?

Lots of mini-cameras, one spherical lens

AWARE-2 was designed and developed by experts from Duke University. It features the gigagon, a single spherical lens where all of its 98 14MP sub-cameras point to. All of the images captured by its sub-cameras are stitched and created into a composite image. What makes the resulting image so different compared to what we have before is the amount of details.

SEO practitioners need as much channels available for them to be able to do their work well. Our cameras are our different link building efforts – guest blogging, listing submissions, etc. Work with all the available channels and include them under your BIG goal. You’ll get clearer results.

Have a 120 degree-view, be larger than life

This is a very wide angle camera that can actually show more as compared to you going to the actual scene where the picture was taken. It has a 120-degree field of view angle. The human eye has just 95 degrees, maximum.

For SEO, having a vision about your business, blog, or any SEO-related activities matters a lot. The trend can immediately change. With just one algorithm update from Google, your site can either be on top of the list or be removed from the top 10 pages of the search results.

Provide as much details as you can

What sets this camera above any other optical device at present is the amount of detail that it can render in one image. It can provide image clarity with five times more details as compared to human eyes with 20-20 vision.

When we are doing SEO, getting and providing details is a must. When we dominate this area, we can standout from the rest. Having clear details of the goals for your client is important. Moreover, tracking your link building efforts requires extra effort (and investment in tools) but these will reward you. Knowing the details will allow you to concentrate on some weak spots.

Technology can limit us

The camera is still not marketable because of its large size. According to an article in, the researchers say that the key to miniaturizing the camera is smaller and more efficient electronics.

In the practice of SEO, there are a lot of limitations. You can’t do it all. That’s why based on experience, one of the most important philosophy in doing SEO is to accept that some of your link building channels have limitations. Like for example listing and directory submissions. It’s one of the main methods of building links and there are lots of sites to submit links to. The only problem – most of these do not accept our submissions. Most sites have six months as review period before approval but usually most requests are declined.


Before writing this article, I thought that it will be quite an odd piece – a camera and SEO. But I also learned a few important things here. SEO needs focus. Furthermore, if we can grasp the bigger picture through data analysis, it is much better. The more link building channel that we have, the better.

Finally, AWARE-2 marks another step in the advancement of digital imaging. This moment in history creates change. For SEO practitioners, we can have our own AWARE-2 moment through some revolutionary approach in doing SEO. And it can happen anytime because of the creativity of SEO analysts.

Ric is always interested in cameras. In this article, he explores some features of the gigapixel camera and relate them to SEO. Find more of his posts at Divorce Wellington & Divorce Jupiter.