SEO Services With Guarantee: Are They Fake?

SEO Services that comes with guarantee might be fake because SEO is one of those online market tactic for which no one can actually promise of guarantee, if they are promising consider they are buttering you unless you sign a proper agreement for guaranteed rankings. SEO services with warranty could be said good enough but not with guarantee.

There are various pick up lines by the SEO services provider, which they use with the clients. For example, if we do not derive your site to top rankings – we will work for free. For an intelligent man it seems a joke – but no! They were not kidding! The essence of this “if we do not derive your website to the top, we are committed to promote it FREE for as long as it does not come to the top.” Read the phrase again and all will understand, again – the devil and details.

In 21st Century you seriously think that at least someone will work for free, not to mention companies? Bottom line:  this is the most ridiculous item for which customers also underway. We want to see you live with your own eyes! Another example, the financial guarantee or 100% Money-back. This is the most interesting. Basically, it is used by only major SEO Company. If you have only $ 1,000 per month for a promotion – we will work. These could be the words of the SEO Company.  Here, you will most likely do a refund. No, I’m not joking. But see the last point – no one will work for free. Here it is true, more than anywhere else but subtly disguised.

Let’s look at a specific example: The company actually returns 100% of the budget of the client in case of failure. Suppose SEO service provider is having 10 clients. Everyone pays from 1000 to 10 000 $ / month. There was an unpleasant and a couple of the largest customers were in the bad position – Want Money-back. The company returned the money and got them problems, because they work in a serious disadvantage. In fact, the company may close next month. But do you seriously think that someone from the management of large firms would go to such?

Everything works on a simple scheme. The winners pay the losers. No, we have never made a mistake. Those sites, which are all well – they pay a lot of money. Often many times greater than the cost price and the margins, and each customer pays. As it is not unfortunate to blame the customers, who want to save and buy a service, which did not even bother to find out? Optimizing the site – the process is very complex and not fast. There are no guarantees, not all are lucky – you need to understand and accept. It is not necessary to change the perpetrators to 5 times a year, as every time you start over again and save time and money. Take a good specialist like SEO services in Kerala and start risk free.