Services Offered By The Shaoul Dabbah Law Office

Services Offered By The Shaoul Dabbah Law Office

With over eleven (11) years of experience of law practice at the Shaoul Dabbah Law Office the criminal defense attorneys and lawyers are very versatile and conduct extensive service to our long-standing clients built on integrity, world-class service, timely delivery and relevant advice.

We have achieved this by offering a range of service in the following areas:

1) Criminal Law

2) Divorce

3) Will

4) Testament

5) Family Law

These services are achieved by our team of professional and well qualified lawyers. Kindly note that our lawyers are continually engaged in training throughout the year which keeps them abreast of the new laws and regulations that our country and the international community adhere to.

Criminal law is a complex body of state and federal legislation. The majority of cases are usually state crimes, causing damage to federal property or inflicting injury upon a federal employee. Criminal lawyers’ cases entail questioning witnesses when representing an accused person in court. The lawyers also must make sure that the client is afforded all of the protections provided through the laws and constitutions of federal and state governments. Although an individual has the right to represent himself or herself during criminal trial proceedings, the consequences of having poor legal representation can be severe so we implore persons to contact our offices as we offer quality service ibn this area.

Our divorce attorneys primarily represent clients who are contemplating dissolving their marriages.

There is a wide variety of tasks that we conduct such as child support issues, helping to divide assets or settle spousal and making child custody arrangements. Because of the personal issues and often high emotions involved in divorce cases, this kinds of law can be a really difficult and emotionally taxing area of practice. Our divorce lawyers spend time communicating with clients to obtain information about the cases for the paperwork. What is more, the attorney discuss the results of hearings and strategize about all steps in the case.

Our will attorney can creates your will which is a document that declares how your possessions will be divided after death. A probate attorney will then help the family through the process of carrying out these wishes. Often the same lawyer handles both wills and probate. A probate (testament) lawyer is responsible for taking a Personal Representative through the entire probate process from start to finish. The Shaoul Dabbah Law office also offers this service as we have an excellent team in place.

Our team of Family lawyers offer services that deal with the most intimate and emotional aspects of our clients’ lives. Our family lawyer practice entails all matters relating to marriage such as:

Preparing a prenuptial agreement prior to representing a client in a divorce when a marriage fails.

Child custody and support, establishing parental visitation and spousal support payments.

Establishing a child’s legal parentage.

Cases involving guardianship, domestic violence, juvenile matters and child and elder abuse.

Draft various separation, divorce and custody agreements as well as settlement contracts.

The team at the Shaoul Dabbah Law office is here to serve you in a professional capacity with a very diverse and qualified staff.