Setting The Record Straight: Three Copywriting Myths Debunked

Whether you are a copywriter or in the market for one, this article aims to debunk three copywriting myths that have been plaguing this profession for years. Of course, this is not a definitive list, just a short and sweet one. I find the following three myths to be important topics for anyone about to embark on an Internet Marketing campaign; regardless of what side you are on.
Copywriting Myth #1: Copywriting is out. SEO is in.
Any SEO team that tries to sell you their services sans copywriting won’t get you very far. Just like you wouldn’t read a textbook with just a few sentences here and there, you wouldn’t trust a website with little to none content. First and foremost, people want to know that you are a trusted source with relevant and useful information. If you skip on the writing, or even the quality of the writing, your readership will suffer because you just don’t seem with it. When you’re in the market for SEO, make sure you pick a team with a strong copywriting arm (no pun intended…okay, it was intended). Quality copywriting paired with sustainable SEO practices will ensure your high rank and credibility.

Copywriting Myth #2: Experience trumps all.
Copywriters that have been around the block several times know a thing or two. They often have expansive portfolios with articles dating back years and clients that might have since gone out of business. And that is exactly where your problem might lie. Great copywriters don’t have to be seasoned veterans with ten plus years, or even five plus years, under their belt. Young copywriters, fresh on the scene with several published articles to their name, can be just as valuable to your online marketing efforts. Creativity and uniqueness run abound in their minds…and I’m speaking from experience! Now, I’m not telling you to go hire some hipster off the street that’s holding a Moleskine and porcelain coffee cup lookalike. You will want to look for a copywriter that understands the ins and outs of blogging, format, and contextualization. But once you’ve got that covered, you might be surprised at who you find to be a remarkable content creator.
Copywriting Myth #3 & #4: Long copy is best. Short copy is best.
This is an ongoing debate in the copywriting blogosphere. Some copywriters believe in being short and sweet. After all, who has time to cypher through all that fluff? On the other hand, other copywriters believe the longer your article, press release, or page content is, the better. This stems from the ideology that if you have a lot to say, then you must know what you’re talking about. However, I’m here to tell you that neither is correct and neither is incorrect. Copywriting is a flexible art can be manipulated for every brand and product out there. Whether you are selling shoes or spoons, copywriting will always benefit your online reputation because, like I stated in Copywriting Myth #1, people only trust you once they see you have quality content. On that same note, copywriting is so versatile that it can be effective in long or short form. The general rule of thumb is to take a look at your audience, your medium, and what you are actually saying. If you are composing a press release, lots of good research and information for various news and media sources can really propel your brand forward. But if you’re press release drags on, just to put words on the page, people will sniff out that BS with a second of hesitation. Don’t fluff if you don’t have to and don’t slack off if you have more important things to say.
Copywriting is no exception the rumor mill. In fact, in this day and age when Internet Marketing can make or break your company’s online reputation, copywriting has been even more susceptible to nasty tales about what it’s not. The rules of the game are constantly changing but there’s no need to be duped and left behind. The three copywriting myths I’ve listed above will be helpful to any copywriter setting out on a new project or any potential clients looking to take on a comprehensive SEO package.
Gina Vinnitsky is an SEO Copywriter for Pete Wise SEO, a Colorado SEO agency with sustainable solutions to improve your web presence and online reputation. Check out their website to learn about their SEO Copywriting process, and to find out more about all the great services they offer.