Setting Up A Club House The Easy Way

Setting up a club house can be a nightmare and an expense that the club cannot afford. Often I find myself in the situation where our local community hall requires additional space to open a canteen on sporting days or when they hold their local craft markets.

I’ve been involved with my local community hall for many years and the biggest problem we face is space. When the hall is hired out as a bare shell, we have to find nooks and crannies where we can store our tables and chairs, our catering equipment and anything else that the person hiring the hall doesn’t want to see while they are there.

Affordable Solutions
Being a community hall we are not rich, in fact we work mostly on donations from the local community which means I am not given a large budget to find storage space or an additional area for our club house. Corten steel shipping containers were my solution. They are large in size, can be locked with ease and are an affordable option to use for additional storage or as extra club space.

Organising The Space
I find that I can sit for hours trying to find the time and energy to organise everything. If I were to hire a carpenter to come and build us a wooden shed, it would not only be time consuming and expensive, but it would take a long time to build the ideal size we need.

The corten steel shipping containers are delivered and put into place with ease, I can order them and have them on site in a short period of time, which is perfect when I’m faced with a desperate situation and not much time to arrange things in.

The best thing is that because we own the corten steel shipping containers we have been able to paint them great colours which add fun and excitement to our outside areas while offering us the additional space we so desperately needed.

Make it Your Own
Our community centre is home to a choice of clubs and societies including children’s groups. We wanted to make the area colourful and fun and the ability to pain the corten steel shipping containers in our groups enabled us to do this. The containers are now available for us to store all our additional chairs and tables along with anything else we need and it saves us space within the hall when we have a function.

Corten steel shipping containers are convenient, practical and affordable and suitable for both business and residential use.