Shirts- A Wardrobe Must Essential!!

The best business wardrobe for women is an elegant shirt paired with a smart pair of trousers or a classic pencil shirt. Formal shirts for women is perfect outfit that will help you make you a seamless transition from the boardroom to an off duty party! No longer is shirts- men’s only office-wear option. The women folk have been embracing them in full swing. History says shirts for ladies evolved from the formal middy tops during the 1920s. Instantly recognizable and enduringly stylish- shirts are just awesome!!

 A spanking white shirt with a fitted trouser or jeans till date remains a classic favourite. That is just not an office wear option; people wear it for all formal and informal events & functions. Initially women shirts came in bold monochrome colours like grey, white, deep blue & black. All these are for sure ideal for power dressing. This century brings designers have gone all out experimenting with vibrant bright colours like yellow, pink & peach. Myriad textures & fabrics are being used to give a comfy yet smart look. Right from synthetic to nylon to organic cotton & linen- all have been tweaked stylishly to get that perfect shirt. Prints in floral, polka dots and several other patterns are being used to add some jazz to the monotonous office wear. In fact the way you dress, portrays a lot about your personality. But not to worry today we are all spoilt with choice with the plethora of options available.

Ask your granny and she will tell you how this piece of clothing was used in olden days by the village folk. They used it as a blouse with their cholis&ghagras!! Now that is something none of us could have imagines today. Specially in Rajasthan, the women folk wore such plain single colour shirts as blouses to protect themselves from the heat & make sure not even a tiny bit of skin is visible. Remember KanganaRanaut wearing it in tanu weds manu returns in her wedding? There was different charisma altogether in her entire attire & character. Who knows are future generations might make it a fashion trend!

This century fashionistas are not only curating formal shirts but also casual ones. A cool breezy casual shirt is an anytime fav for any college student. In multiple hues, patterns & colours ladies casual shirts score high on the fashion barometer. Then there is also added to our basic shirt- jems, embellishments & all the bling to make it a party outfit. You will also want to checkout Polo T shirts for Women.

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