Shopping Locally

Have you ever been shopping and wished you could tell someone about your experience right then? In-store surveys would allow you to do that. Having someone in the store to ask you about your experience while it is fresh on your mind would be amazing, you would be able to share your opinion without having to do one of those annoying phone surveys.

Online Shopping vs. Shopping in the Stores

While shopping online can be very convenient, it lacks the personal feel of shopping in stores. When you go to the mall or other places to shop, you get to have human contact. That friendly smile and excellent customer service is not given when shopping online. In a world where everything has gone wireless and we move in a fast paced way, eliminating personal contact when shopping could be a negative thing. If you have a bad experience in the store, you can ask to speak to someone right then it gets resolved immediately. When shopping online if you have an issue you have to email or call someone and it can take up to a few days to resolve the issue. Also, with online shopping you usually have to pay shipping, a fee that you pay for them to send it to your home. When you shop in the stores there is no shipping cost. While shopping online is a huge market, shopping in stores is still everyone’s favorite past time.

Benefits of Shopping in Stores

There are many benefits to shopping in stores one is jobs for your community. When you shop at stores in your community it keeps these stores in business and they need employees to run them. Securing jobs for your community is important to the economy. Another thing is the taxes generated from sales in stores help support police departments, fire departments and schools in your area.  Taxes paid on merchandise purchased in stores can go to pave new roads in your community and many other projects. When you shop online virtually none of that money goes to your community. When shopping in stores you can participate in any discount programs they have and look for sales. Being in the store there are no hidden fees allowing you to be confident about what you are spending your money on.

Shopping in stores is an experience that is personal. You are having human contact, receiving a kind word and warm smile with every purchase. Spending money at stores in your own community helps to generate money for your community, keeping your money where you can see it. Shopping in stores also keeps you confident in your purchases; you always know what you are getting.