Should I Go See A Doctor or Lawyer After An Accident?

Should I Go See A Doctor or Lawyer After An Accident

In an accident you may have two types of injuries: soft tissue injuries and serious injuries. Soft tissue injury is treated by a chiropractor. Serious injuries are treated by an orthos or a surgeon depending on what injury occurred, and how serious it is. Most of the time if it is a bad accident police and ambulance will be called to the scene. If you are taken to the ER they will take x-rays, prescribe prescriptions and or have surgery immediately. After leaving the ER they will tell you to go see your primary car doctor, he/she will give you instruction on what doctor to see next. It can be a ciro or an orther depending on your injuries. However it is important to see a doctor after an accident because there may be injuries that cannot be seen or felt. If you choice not to see a doctor there may be a chance that injuries could appear and last a long time if not detected and handled appropriately.

Symptoms you have feel after an accident can be: arm pain, leg pain, neck pain, numbness, shoulder pain, spasms, sprains, spasms, whiplash, tingling sensation, bruising, muscle weakness.

Why you should seek medical treatment.

For one your health is of upmost importance. When an accident occurs your body goes straight in to defense mode to protect itself. The adrenaline will be released into your blood. It is a protective machanicism for you to survive the traumatic event. Once the adrenaline subsides your body will start to feel the injuries it got during the accident. It can take a day or week for you to feel or notice pain and injury. Another reason you should seek medical treat after you accident is because of legal purposes. If you file a personal injury claim the first thing insurances look at, is how injured you are by analyzing your medical treatment. If you were involved in an accident it is most important to go see a doctor right away.

The last thing you want to happen after an accident is to find out you have serious and expensive medical bills that will not be covered by your insurance or the drivers insurance. Then it is time to hire the experts who have your back in these types of cases. It is important to have your hospital bills repaid along with any other issues arising such as time off work for pain and suffering. Finding a reliable attorney is tricky, but with the proper research it can be done. Just make sure to check their online reviews from past clients to ensure they have a credible and legitimate track record.

Remember that when you are involved in any collision to always take note of the time and date of the accident. The location is also very important and having witnesses will only strengthen the case. Be thorough with the details and write down as much as possible immediately after the incident takes place to avoid forgetting or leaving out important details in the future. Take down their insurance information, license plate, and full contact information. Taking pictures is also a good way to help solidify the case and ensure that you are not blamed for something you did not do or cause.