Should You Buy A Pre-owned Engagement Ring?

Picking out the perfect engagement ring takes time. An engagement ring symbolizes a commitment to the partner you choose to spend the rest of your life with, and you want to be sure you choose an engagement ring that she’s sure to love. While you want to select a beautiful ring that will leave her speechless, the process can be overwhelming since engagement rings can be costly. Not to mention that you also have a wedding to plan and a honeymoon to enjoy after you tie the knot.
While you want to give her the perfect engagement ring, you may realize that you can’t afford it. How do you buy her an engagement ring she will love and one you can afford? Why not purchase a pre-owned engagement ring?
Although many believe an engagement ring should be bought specifically for one individual, and some view used engagement rings as a bad sign if the ring is from a broken engagement or bad marriage, many fail to realize that most new diamonds at jewelry stores come from used jewelry. Diamonds are resold in stores all of the time. How would you tell if a ring you purchased was actually resold to you? Would you spend more on a ring for the illusion that someone else hasn’t worn it?

Also, buying a used engagement ring can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re worried about the size and quality of the ring. She may want a big diamond in her ring and a ring of high quality, but you may not be able to afford it. But, if you buy a used engagement ring, you can. Just because it’s a used engagement ring doesn’t mean the ring qualifies as low quality. In fact, used engagement rings use the same stones and metals as brand new rings. And, don’t forget that diamonds don’t go bad. Therefore, you can save money and purchase an engagement ring with quality gems. In addition, when you buy an engagement ring at a lower cost, you can put the extra money towards other payments, such as the wedding or honeymoon.

Best of all, she won’t even know you purchased a used engagement ring. Why? Because diamonds cannot be scratched or chipped. Also, keep in mind that vintage and antique jewelry is very stylish and increasingly popular. Women love unique jewelry that’s different from others with a history of its own.
Shop used engagement rings and buy her a ring she’ll love and one you can afford.
Jillian Johnson is a professional content writer with an interest in writing about fashion and jewelry. Follow her @JillianLJ87.