Should You Buy Truly Old or Simply Old-style Jewelry

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Shopping for jewelry quality jewelry can be a long and cumbersome process. One of the best ways to speed up the process is to know what you are looking for. Old and old-style jewelry are both quite popular but there are many advantages and disadvantages. Costs, style, and maintenance are some of the main differences from an authentic old piece of jewelry and a replication old-style piece.

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One of the main differences between old and old-style jewelry is price. Antique jewelry is often not found in your traditional jewelry shops; it is often found in specialty shops, showrooms, and boutiques. Being more rare and harder to find is one of the reasons that the cost for vintage jewelry is much higher than vintage-style; however, it is important to do your research before going into the market for vintage jewelry because these shops are notorious for high prices even for items that do not demand top dollar. Also, with all of the vintage-style items on the market it is important to know the differences to avoid getting ripped off. Another benefit of vintage jewelry is that the price appreciates over time, which means that the family heirloom that you are holding onto will only get more valuable each generation, especially if the piece is taken care of.

Vintage-style definitely has the advantage when it comes to price. Technology has made it easier for jewelers to replicate jewelry styles from all sorts of different eras. To the untrained eye, these pieces look very close to originals and are available at only a fraction of the cost.


One of the benefits of truly old, vintage jewelry is its unique style. Each piece can be traced back to the era it came from. There is a charm that comes with a piece from another time that cannot be replicated today. Also, for many people vintage jewelry has a sentimental value and is often passed down generations.

Vintage-style jewelry tries to replicate pieces from a certain era but style is simply not something that can be replicated. Jewelers can get a piece close to what a piece from a certain era might look like but the craftsmanship is different. Both old and old-style jewelry is perfect for the fancy, night out on the town and give off a classy and sophisticated look.


Whether you are wearing old or old-style jewelry, maintenance is important to get the look you desire from the piece you will be wearing. Obviously, old jewelry is going to require more maintenance both from you and professionals. Maintenance by professionals, such as Gold Cobbler ( in Indianapolis, does not have to expensive. They offer cleaning and repairs at a reasonable price for both old and old-style pieces.

When shopping for old jewelry it is important to inspect all aspects of the item, especially the back. Dealers often can clean the front and visible sides of items but many of the problems lay in the back. Another thing to look for is the seams of the jewelry which will show if the piece has been repaired and the quality of the repair. Color of the item will show if the repair was done well or not. If there is a color that should not be there that means the repair was done poorly and often done with cheap metals. Pins will also tell you if the piece is of good quality or if it will fall apart when you put it on.

Both old and old-style pieces can really accentuate an outfit. There are many advantages and disadvantages of each and it all depends on what you are looking for. Cost, style, and maintenance are some of the ways that these two styles stand apart. Whichever you choose, make it your own and enjoy your individual style.