Shred Fat And Burn Calories With Jillian Michaels And The 30 Day Shred

We have seen her on television with The Biggest Loser and on The Doctors. We have seen the transformations through diet and exercise and her strict and rigorous routines. Jillian Michaels has been at it again with her no gimmick, straight talk attitude that we all love to hate.  For many losing weight is a real difficult process. In fact losing weight, changing your eating lifestyle and working out can be hard, frustrating and an overall emotional rollercoaster. But, in the end the results we see are beyond words. Having Jillian Michaels in your ear telling you to push through it, work harder and be faster seems to work every time, especially with her DVD workout titled the 30 Day Shred.

Get Shredded
Who doesn’t want to have a body like Jillian Michaels, she must obviously know what she is doing with her 3-2-1 workout routine that you see on The 30 Day Shred. With this program it focuses on changing the way your muscles think essentially. Your body can get stuck in a rut, especially when you are doing the same workouts day in and day out. Your muscles get used to the routine and you stop seeing results. With her methods in The 30 Day Shred, she utilizes each muscle at different times, really changing up the workout each time. This allows for maximum weight loss and extreme body tone.
How her 3-2-1 training interval works is, with the first 3 minutes in the 3-2-1 intervals is dedicated to strict strength training. The following 2 minutes is complete cardio and the last minute is core workouts. These 3-2-1 intervals are done multiple times throughout the 20 to 30 minute DVD, and offer you a full body workout in a very short time. It is geared for the everyday person. Those who work, have children and an everyday life that has demands that need to be met. You can easily do this work out at night once kids are asleep, in the early mornings –anytime. They are perfect for squeezing in anytime of the day and you will see results. These are short workout sessions, so you are putting out max effort the entire time, and really feel those muscles burning.
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Weight Loss and Toning
If you are looking for a workout that is fast, requires max effort in a short session and allows you to lose weight and tone your body, then The 30 Day Shred is perfect for you. Work outs get a bit harder with each day, but by day 30 you will love the way your body looks and feels. Pair this with a healthy diet and smart nutritional choices, that lean, mean Jillian Michaels like body could be yours.
She definitely knows how to revolutionize the way you work out; all while offering results that can last.