Sick Woman Cured By The Ghost Of A Mysterious White Lady

Sick Woman Cured By The Ghost Of A Mysterious White Lady

You’ve probably heard about people being cured by healers using the ancient Japanese technique we call Reiki, but recently a lady from Norfolk in the UK claims to have been rid of her illness thanks to a ghostly apparition that took the form of a mysterious white lady. Any skeptics reading this article should probably turn away now, because you’re not going to like this one bit.

Diane Berthelot had been suffering terribly since having her gallbladder removed at the start of 2012, and although doctors had placed her on some serious medication, the antibiotics just didn’t seem to ease her pain at all. It wasn’t until she was visiting friends in Worstead village that one of them mentioned a ghost who supposedly inhabits the local church, and who supposedly has the ability to cure the sick.

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Not being an ardent believer in the paranormal and only ever engaging in a couple of phone psychic readings, Miss Berthelot laughed off the suggestion that she should go and see if the ghost could help – that was until it started raining one afternoon while she was out shopping in the village with her husband Roy. As Diane sat at a pew to rest for a moment, her partner decided to walk around the building taking pictures of interesting religious artifacts. Strangely, two days later she was completely cured of her pain and illness.

It was around 3 months after this event when the couple decided to get their film developed after going on a short holiday and using the last few snaps. To their amazement, one photograph that shows Diane sat in the church also promotes the image of a small lady sat behind her dressed completely in white. This image is not being examined by some of the most prominent photography experts and paranormal investigators in the country, and some are suggesting it could be the best, most detailed image of a ghost ever caught on camera.

In a Short Statement to the International Press, Miss Berthelot was Quoted as Saying:

“I really couldn’t believe how quickly my health improved after only a few moments sat in the church. From the second I sat down I could feel an unusual warmth surrounding my body, so wasn’t quite as surprised as my husband to see the lady in the photograph. Up until this point I’d never thought ghosts were real and was convinced that very little awaited us after death – now I know different.”

The Local Priest who performs the Sunday Service at Worstead Village Church added:

“The story of the white lady has been around for decades, and I’ve seen her myself once or twice when walking around the church during the early hours. We don’t really have any idea who she is or what she’s doing here, but so long as she keeps helping people in the way she did that old lady, we’re more than happy for her to call this place home indefinitely.”

So, as hundreds of people flock to Norfolk in the hope of being cured by this strange and mysterious apparition, one question still remains; who is the white lady of Worstead village?