Signs That A House Has Been Looked After

For the last few months I’ve been on a house hunt of epic proportions and I must have seen over 40 new homes in total but, luckily, I’ve finally found the one I want to live in.

The main reason why it took so long is because I’m incredibly picky and I had a full set of requirements that I wasn’t willing to budge on, all of which my boyfriend thought were bonkers. I had my reasons though because everything on my list of new house requirements was, to me, a sign that the house was well looked after and in good condition. It may have taken me exactly ninety-one days to find my new home but I’d definitely suggest other people use my stringent list, as it’s helped me on my way to getting my dream home.

So, when you’re next house hunting I think you should be on the lookout for …


1)      Renovation

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Property Ladder you’ll know that the best way to get a good price for a house you’re trying to sell is to renovate it. I’ve viewed a lot of houses that were sort of half renovated and instantly scratched them off my list – why would I want a freshly repainted living room when the kitchen obviously needs ripping out and redoing? Look for houses that have been one hundred per cent renovated and don’t be afraid to ask questions about just what’s been changed and when.

2)      Good guttering

It might sound a bit silly since you can’t actually get a ladder out and check the gutters for yourself, but asking how often the gutters get cleaned out will give you an idea of how well the house’s been looked after. Blocked gutters can go on to wreak havoc what with damp and leaks, so if the owners regularly get themselves at gutter-height to scrape leaves and whatnot out of them, you’re onto a winner.

 3)      Security

A house with good security is a house worth moving into. In my opinion, people that have spent a lot of time and money looking after and updating their home will want to keep it safe, so they often fit high-tech security systems to do the job for them.

4)      Landscaping

It isn’t just the inside of the house you want to keep a close eye on when you’re attending your house viewings – the garden can answer a lot of unasked questions as well. Nice gardens say a lot about how house-proud the owners are as it’s the part that can be seen from street level, and a house-proud person will want everything about their home to be perfect.

5)      Cleanliness

Obviously, a clean home is a good home. This one can be tricky to check up on though as of course people will dust their shelves and hoover the stairs when someone’s coming to view their house. Checking in the nooks and crannies when you get a chance will show you how often they do these jobs though, and the last thing you want is to move into a house that’s full to the brim with dirt.

My list goes on for a lot longer than just five points, but these are some of the main ones that I stuck by during my house hunt. Do you have any tips for telling if a house is in good condition?

Liz is an interior designer, specialising in the decoration of show homes and new homes.