Simple But Effective Wine Tasting Tips

Wine tasting is a very common social activity. There are a few rules or guidelines for doing this activity correctly.

Wine glasses have a round glass to allow the wine to swirl. The swirling of the wine brings out the aromas by letting it breathe.  The stem is used to hold onto the glass. If the round part of the glass is held for too long it can warm up the wine.
Even though a wine glass is large, they are only supposed to be filled one-third of the way up. The empty part of the glass is meant for swirling to make sure someone does not accidentally spill over the edges.
The color is a unique part of the wine. Even though it does not affect the tasting process it is still and interesting quality of the wine.  A white paper can even be held behind it to get an accurate depiction of the color. Wines can be compared side by side to differentiate red, pink, purple, white, and even brown colors in the wine.
Before the wine is tasted, other senses need to be tested. Swirling the glass will bring out the aromas making it easier to smell. To smell the wine, the nose goes right in the glass and deep breathes need to be taken.  People get the most out of the first sniff. Take a moment to determine what it smells like and what combination of fruit and spices make up the wine.
Now it is time to take a sip of the wine. Take a small amount and let it stay in your mouth for a bit.  Some people will tighten the mouth and breathe in the wine to get the smell in their nasal cavity. Others will move the wine around on the tongue. The point is to let the wine cover your palate.
Wine is also desirable to be paired with food. Have a wine tasting party is usually beneficial if there is some food involved. An easy way to do this is to encourage friends to bring a bottle and a food item so it is more like a potluck. To start everyone can take a few sips of each wine to discuss the flavors and get a feel for each taste before eating. It makes it more fun for guests to be a trial an error when determining which wine goes best with what food.
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