Simple Ways To Boost Your Writing Motivation

Simple Ways To Boost Your Writing Motivation

Writing is a task, which requires terrific commitment, total concentration and immense skills in order to produce quality that matters and is recognized. Writers can spend their days and nights, but seriously will fail to provide any kind of quality in their expressions and writing due to their lack of commitment, motivation and willingness to actually sit down and writing something with passion. The kind of writing that can make readers quite glued to it, that they wish to read that same thing more than once. So many times during the academic instances, we find a teacher commenting on student’s work as to be so good that they read it twice, this was the result of their motivation, perfect knowledge and willingness to sit down and write.

Writing whether it’s essay writing or academic assignments comes with time, patience and through a mind which is completely astray from distractions, lack of focus and is perfectly motivated as well as fresh. Without these favorable elements, your writing will never produce quality work, something which not only gives you confidence and satisfies you, but also gets you high grade points in a classroom as part of your academic progress. We need to first understand that writing is no rocket science; it is just pure determination to learn. When we talk about finding ways to write well and do good, we usually look at some of the most complicated articles on language, principles, etc. However, we fail to read about something like finding motivation to write, finding the willingness to write. Today our blog is going to post exactly that. We will highlight four ways through which very simply students can boost their writing motivation.

Schedule the Writing Part in your Routine

When you know you have a writing task or assignment due and you are required to sit down that particular day to write. Then you need to schedule it perfectly and efficiently. Schedule a time for your writing where you know you will be completely free of all distractions and will have the fresh mind. This can be either early morning or late night, which ever time band suites your personality.

Friendly Environment

Once you have scheduled your time to write, ensure the fact that at this time, you have the perfect and most friendly environment to write. This means having the right pen and paper or computer to write. Having a well lit up room where it is not too dark or too bright. A place where there is no noise distraction, although you can play some music to keep you away from getting bored but it should not take your focus away. Also make sure you have your phone on side, so you are not distracted by constant messages and updates.


The biggest de-motivator in writing is the lack of knowledge. When you think that of a particular topic or course you lack some good knowledge, then prior to sitting and writing you should do some research and read few assisting articles to gain complete understanding.

Do not Over-write

Always set a limit to your writing, if you think your assignment is lengthy and will take more than one day then write in breaks. When you over-write, your mind gets tired of writing.

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