Simple Ways To Save On Movie Rentals

With the current price of going out to movies more and more people are turning to movie rentals to enjoy their favorite movies at home, but not everyone knows that there are great opportunities to save.

Save wth on demand

If you are a cable or satellite subscriber, you’ve probably watched an on demand movie, but how often have you browsed the specials. They are typically not the latest movies, but there are usually good movies at discount prices sometimes at 50 – 75% off the price of a typical on demand movie rental.

Save with Movie Kiosks

Now, if you do your own grocery shopping, you may have already stumbled on one of these kiosks. These kiosks offer movie rentals for as low as $1 a day. What many people do not know however are that are ways to save even more. By signing up for mailing lists you could receive coupons via email and text message with savings of up to 50% and possibly even free video rentals.

You can also make a visit to  these kiosks even more convenient by using their mobile applications. Theses allow you to search for and reserve movies ahead  of time and easily pick up your reservation by simply swiping your credit card.

Unlimited video on demand for less than $8 per month

You can also save a lot of money with Netflix on demand. For only $7.99 you can access thousands of streaming videos on demand. They have an excellent selection of movies and even foreign films that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

Additionally if there are films that you would prefer to have sent to your house you can add this feature for only an additional $7.99 a month .

Watch movies for free with Amazon Prime

While the primary benefit of amazon prime account is free two day shipping on amazon purchases a great added benefit is free streaming video. While the selection is currently not as extensive as netflix amazon prime offers some great movies for no additional charge. You can also currenlty try the service for free through a free one month trial.

Don’t forget to Try Your Local Library

Why not check your local library. Gone are the days when these building are solely for books today, you can even borrow DVDs for free. Be careful though not to keep the videos for too long as returning a video past its due date will usually cost $1 in late fees per day.

Pros and Cons

Just like anything in this world, these options all have their pros and cons. Video on demand offers great convenience but typically at a higher price. Renting the latest DVD from a kiosk can save quite a bit, but can also cost you gas money and fees if it you return it too late.

All in all, you just have to try and see what works for you. If kiosks are on your usual route, they may work best, however if you find yourself wasting time and money vdieo on demand may be a better option.

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