Simple Yet Classy Ways To Revamp The Bedroom

The bedroom is the most visited place in any house. As a matter of fact, homeowners don’t simply visit the bedroom; they lounge for hours and hours in it. It is where people sleep, unwind, and enjoy some privacy apart from the other members of the household. It is therefore important to keep this area of the house as pleasing and as comfortable as it can be.

Your Bedroom Mirrors Who You Are
Meanwhile, comfort and pleasure are of different standards for various types of people. There are those who prefer to be minimalistic in the way they design their bedrooms, while others like adding bursts of colors in their cozy nooks. Some people also like installing entertainment appliances for them to enjoy during their spare time, but for the rest these are distracting features that should be placed in some other parts of the house. Overall, the bedroom speaks a lot about the person who owns it since it is usually a unification of all his or her ideas and creativity. One cannot design a bedroom in which he can’t be comfortable and attain peace of mind.
Bedroom Confession: The Undying Hunger to Step Up in Style
Nevertheless, a person’s predilection and taste may change through time. What was once appealing and tasteful for you five years ago may be nothing but bland and passé in your eyes today – thanks perhaps to the ever-changing trends not only in fashion but as well in home decor and improvement. Therefore, the urge to modify one’s personal indoor space from time to time is pretty normal.
Building Your Whole New Little World
You can change the look of your bedroom in no-fuss, non-time consuming ways. Busy people often complain about not having much time and energy to put together a brilliant room revamping plan. The common misconception is that room redecorating and remodeling requires a lot of time, effort, and money. People usually associate the idea with re-painting, rebuilding, and other major structural changes which are, on many occasions, unnecessary. Modifying the look and the vibe of your room only needs the addition, removal, and rearrangement of certain items.  There is, however, a very common dilemma on what needs to go and what needs to be added.
So, what items in your room need to go? If you own any of the following, you might want to reconsider their settlement in your personal nook:

  • Old magazines
  • The dust collecting couch that has been on the same spot for the past decade
  • Busted night lamp
  • Clothes you cannot wear anymore
  • Piles of shoeboxes haphazardly sitting on the floor
  • The chipped vase your first sweetheart (from, again, a decade ago) gave you
  • The non-functional cassette player you haven’t touched since high school

While many of these items may have sentimental significance to you, they are most likely useless save for their dust-and-dirt collecting feature, as well as their space-consuming abilities. In order to be able to add more stylish and a lot more useful fixtures in your room, you need to make space by letting go of the ones that you don’t need anymore.
Meanwhile, here are some exciting ideas on what you can add into your room to make it look and feel cozier and trendier:
A bean bag chair – these chairs are cute, comfy to sit on, and can fit in any small space you have in your room. Bean bag chairs are available in numerous colors and designs to suit your personal taste. Whether you are going for the more colorful and eclectic look or the soothing and classy feel of neutral pieces, there’s a bean bag couch out there for you.
A multi-purpose shoe and table top compartment – maximizing the available space in your bedroom will do wonders in modifying its entire look. Instead of cramping all those cardboard shoe boxes in what could have been a more useful space, give your shoes a home which can be at the same time a table top for some of your items like candle or CD collection.
A new set of drapes or curtains – whether in the bedroom or some room else, curtains highlight the look of an entire space. Make sure that you choose something that will facilitate the entry of how much ever light you want to enter your room during day time.
A new set of sheets and duvets – why of course, your bedroom wouldn’t be called so without the bed, would it? Make sure that your bed gets the revamping it needs simply by changing the sheets and pillow cases that you’ve been switching over throughout the year.  Choosing colors that complement your curtains and look good with the entire color scheme of your room is a must.
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