Sitting On The Fence: How Neutral Colours Will Rule In 2013

Changing Pace

After a 2012 that has been dominated by bright prints, abstract patterns, and brave contrasts and use of colour, it will be a relief for many men that 2013 slows down a little, with many neutral shades set to feature heavily in next years’ collections. This goes hand-in-hand with the rise of more durable styles, including worker and cargo, while also leaving room for prints such as camouflage should you wish to build them into your individual style.

We took a look at a number of key looks for next year, so you can be one step ahead of the game and keep yourself in the best fashions at all times.

Brown Contrasts

The first look makes use of a lot of different brown shades. The continuous piece in this look is the beige trouser. Go for something straighter legged and reasonably dark, long enough to look good but short enough that you can turn them up if you want to. The weather will dictate the rest of the look for you. If it is hot, wear sandals and a lighter coloured vest without a jacket. On a cooler day, wear a t-shirt and finish off with a knee-length belted trench coat.

Light vs. Dark

Lighter utility colours are going to work great with black jeans or even tailoring next year. Try black jeans or trousers with a formal shoe, and wear a lighter green military jacket on the top. Go for the more fitted, almost bomber jacket style, variety for the best look, although there are belted options that drop to the upper thigh that also look great.

A jacket such as this is a great item to have in your wardrobe for wearing both to work and as a casual item.

Smart Casual

Probably the best look of the entire year is one that in years past would have been dismissed as utterly uninspiring and completely boring. Try cream chinos or linen pants; go for the tightest, skinniest fit you can possibly get away with. Do the same up top, wearing an extreme fit brown utility, almost cowboy style shirt, with larger pockets and visible stitch detailing.

This look can be topped off, should you desire, with a belted black leather jacket to add an extra touch of class and decadence to your appearance.

Shake yourself from the shock of what you may have worn in 2012, or even what you are still wearing, and prepare for something more sober but no less fashionable in 2013.

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