Skating Clothing Essentials

Skating is one of those sports or even pastimes where a certain look is seen as essential to be considered part of the mould. This is down to the style needed and also that skating clothing needs to be both rugged and comfortable and is an integral part of skating. So, what are the skate boarding essentials to be taken seriously with?


Vans shoes are very common among skaters, as are Converse and others. However, one of the benefits of Vans shoes and reasons they are so popular is down to the fact that the laces of these shoes stay tied as they are thick and as Vans shoes are padded and so provide protection.

Vans shoes also have a wide, flat soul which is there to aid balance when standing on the board and also offer grip. These are some of the practical reasons that Vans shoes are often used by skaters.

Baggy Jeans

Just as Vans shoes have become associated with skating clothing, so have baggy jeans. Essentially, this is for many of the same reasons as Vans shoes and means that skaters aren’t constrained by problems with movement because of clothing. The clothing obviously became stylish after it became functional, but it has created to look that we all associate with skaters.

Certain Brands of T-Shirts

There are a number of t-shirts and brands of t-shirts that are a necessity if you want to look like a skater. These often come in a variety of styles and with a number of different sleeve lengths. This is all down to personal style and also the comfort factor, which is so important when it comes to choosing clothing. T-shirts are often purchased a little bigger than they should be just to allow for movement.


Just as skaters often wear distinctive Vans shoes for a purpose, they also often wear 59Fifty hats. This is because these baseball like hats come with a wide brim which helps keep the sun out of their eyes and also helps them to look the part. One of the biggest problems is glare when skating. If you don’t get the angles completely correct you end up crashing and burning and falling off the board. These hats offer both a practical and a stylish solution to these problems and ensure you can skate in comfort.


The small details make a great skater and socks are also very important. Great premium socks allow your feet to breath and means that you don’t have to worry about sweating. This allows your feet to have grip and allows them to remain strong and without slip on the skateboard. Good socks can really make a significant difference to skaters and are an essential investment for great skaters.

So, whether it is Vans shoes, t-shirts or high end socks there is method to the way skaters dress, even though you may not exactly perceive this.

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