Skills Required To Crack UPSC Exam

Skills Required To Crack UPSC Exam

The civil services examination has been deemed as one of the toughest test in this country. With success ratio of less than one percent, cracking such exam would not only require preparation and commitment, but also to incorporate it as a way of life. In the beginning it might look like a tremendous task. But this could prove to be the best way of preparation if you are serious and dedicated towards clearing the UPSC exam. You should try to embrace the following 10 habits as an integral part of your daily life.

  1. Prepare a timetable

You are an IAS aspirant and it is no one else’s but your duty to prepare a routine that you would follow during the preparation phase. It is not necessary to study for hours at a stretch. Create a well-balanced timetable that includes study hours, break, physical activity and social life.

  1. Build up theoretical clarity

Merely memorizing facts would only create burden and confusion in your brain, which has the tendency to fade away and as time passes by. Instead, understand the topic and develop clarity about the facts. This will lead you to get more insightful answers and let you to remember facts related to the topic.

  1. Boost your writing skill

Don’t focus only upon objective types. To clear the Mains examination it is important to also be prepared for the subjective type test that need to be answered by writing in text. For this you have to start developing your writing skills. It is suggested to study by writing as this not only lets you to memorize the information, but also develop your answer writing formats.

  1. Read or watch news

The UPSC exam includes many questions that are not from some standard books but from newspapers. For an IAS aspirant, reading newspapers or watching news on television should be the most essential task. You should start identifying important stories and focus upon it on daily basis.

  1. Follow government portals

The government websites can be used to gather information about their recent programmes, schemes, policies, reports and data. The main advantage of considering the government portals is, they consist of frequently updated information than the ones in books or published reports.

  1. Discuss current issues

You should develop the habit of discussion about current issues with your friends or family members. Select a topic relevant to UPSC syllabus and start discussing with your peer group or mentor. It gives you various point of views that you might have missed about a particular topic. A quality discussion also helps you to stay motivated for the preparation.

  1. Learn to prioritize

The syllabus of UPSC preparation is diverse and hefty. Along with study there are other vital things too in life that need equal attention. You will need to prioritize things that are extremely important and needs to be solved first. In long run, this skill will be helpful for problem solving attitude.

  1. Teach yourself

It is not always possible to depend upon your coaching mentor for completing the huge syllabus. You could be your own teacher and try to develop questions and answer them as well. When you adopt this dual role you will be able to attain confidence and solve any question that comes in your mind.

  1. Attain healthy lifestyle

Studying for hours without doing any physical activity is not going to work out. A UPSC aspirant should equally focus on healthy diet plan and outdoor activities, like jogging, yoga, meditation, exercises and sports. These also help you to stay focused and motivated.

  1. Stay dedicated

The journey for UPSC preparation is long and tiresome. There will be times when you might have to face tough challenges and problems during your preparation for UPSC exam. But only your dedication towards it will let you to overcome all odds and lead you to achieve your goal.

The preparation needs to be focused on right strategies and guidance. Incorporating these habits will not only guide you to prepare for the examination, but will also help you in long run when you would be a part of prestigious administrative services of this country.