Sleeping Positions For Your Spine

Not many people realise how important it is to look after your spine. I’m 27 years old and my back is killing me, mostly because I work in front of a computer everyday and that I had posture. I tried some of the following tips and they definitely work. That’s why I’m putting this out there, I want to help you protect your spine because nobody wants to feel like an old man at the age of 27.
Our spine and back normally hurts because we don’t look after it, we pick up heavy things incorrectly, we don’t sleep the way we should and weight is also a contributing factor to hurting your back and spine. Once you are in the routine of looking after your back you’ll feel a big difference or at least you’ll make sure that your back will be in a great condition in years to come. If you need a quick relief for your back pain you should apply heat to it, I normally take a shower, heat a beanbag or use pain pills (consult your doctor first).
Here are a few tips on how you should sleep to protect your spine.
When sleeping each of us have a favourite position to sleep in. Each one of these puts pressure on our spine in different ways. If you are very protective over your spine and want it to stay nice and healthy you should do the following for each position.
On your back:
If you are one of those people who enjoy sleeping on their backs are recommended to place a pillow behind their head with a towel (rolled up) underneath their necks. They should also put a pillow under their knees to keep the right posture.
On your side:
This is one of my favourite positions and I’ve tried this technique, thankfully it works. If you sleep on your side you should put pillows underneath your neck and head to support them, also bend your knees and place a pillow or some other support between your knees.
On your stomach:
Sleeping on your stomach puts a lot of pressure on your spine and you sleep in a different position. It will be difficult to get into a new sleeping position but it is ideal for your back and you should consider the pro’s and the con’s of having a healthy spine or not.
The type of bed you use and the mattress on it also add to the posture of your back. Buy an orthopaedic mattress and pillow for your spine, you won’t regret it.
Ruan Smit had a bad back for many years until one day he decided to change his routine. He replaced his beds, stretched more and tries to take as much pressure as possible from his spine and back.