Small Ways To Improve Your Home

We spend a lot of time every day in our homes, so it’s important that we are all happy with our interior and home space. However, many of us don’t have a lot of money to spend on revamping and redesigning our homes often, especially during a cost of living crisis. Here are some small ways you can instantly improve your home without spending too much time or money and can make you feel much happier with your home, whether it’s your first home or one you have lived in for decades. 

Re-Style Your Bookshelf

Any fan of books will know how hard it is to keep a bookshelf looking tidy at all times. However, it is important to make sure you keep on top of organising your bookshelves, as they are often the focal point of a room. There are many ways you can organise your bookshelves – by colour, by size, or alphabetically. Either way, by making sure all of your books stand the same way, you will make it look much tidier. If you really want to elevate your bookshelves, why not add some ornaments or bookends to make them look more dynamic? 

Add A Spot Of Paint Here and There

Never underestimate the power of a lick of paint, and how much it can make your space look brighter and cleaner. There are many areas of your home that could benefit from an extra bit of paint, such as your ceiling, cupboards or your skirting boards. This way, your home can look much brighter by just buying a tin of paint! Improving the exterior look of your home is also important, so why not paint your front door as well? This can make you feel as if you’re going home to a completely different home!

Dress Your Windows

Many people talk about window dressing in regards to shops and businesses, however, window dressing is just as important when it comes to your home. There are many ways you can make your windows look better, such as creating beautiful floral arrangements, finding great ornaments and keeping your curtains clean. Make sure that you are keeping your windows clean as well, as this is an important part of maintaining your home. Window dressing is one of the best ways to make your home look nicer from both the inside and outside. 

Add New Door Handles

Although this may seem like such a small and simple change, this can make your home feel much different and can elevate your interior design and your furniture. Investing in themed door knobs (such as art deco or vintage door fixtures) and putting them on your doors and furniture can make it seem like you have all brand-new interiors! You can swap cabinet door fixtures in minutes and can make your cabinets feel classier and more elegant. If you want the appearance of a luxury home on a budget, invest in some great door handles. 

Dress Your Dining Table

Are you depressed looking at your drab dining table? One of the best ways you can make your home interiors such as your dining room seem more interesting is to keep it dressed as if you’re ready for a dinner party. Setting the table and using centrepieces such as candles and floral arrangements make it seem like you’re always ready to host guests, and make the space feel more formal and elegant. You should also invest in a good tablecloth and make sure that the seats around the table are positioned just so, to make it seem like you’re ready for a dinner party. 

Steam Clean Your Carpets 

One of the worst offenders for making a home look drab, dreary and dated is carpets that aren’t clean. However, you don’t need to hire a carpenter and spend thousands installing new carpets in your rooms. Instead, you can hire a carpet steam cleaner and clean your carpets yourself – make sure you leave the windows open. This way, your carpets will dry out much quicker, and will smell really fresh and amazing. Your home will look like it’s recently been completely refitted, but you will have just deep-cleaned all of your flooring!

Clean Out Your Junk Drawers

Keeping your home tidy is one of the most important parts of improving your home, and feeling happier with your home’s design. Instead of shoving your belongings and paperwork into junk drawers, organise them and clean them out. When everything in your home has a place, you will feel like everything has a function and is expertly organised. A clean home makes you feel much better and much happier with the design and home living and will help you keep your home tidy every single day. Invest in some great storage so you can keep on top of your belongings without making your home cluttered. 

Learn Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese concept which has helped thousands of people feel more comfortable in their homes. Feng Shui is the idea that your home interiors need to be arranged to create balance with the natural world – ‘Feng’ means wind, and ‘Shui’ means water. The goal is to harness energy from the natural world, and to establish harmony between a person and their home environment. Learning about ideal placings of furniture, colour theory, and the ‘Bagua map’ is one of the best ways you can elevate your home interior design. 

Improve Your Lighting

One key trick to making your home feel much more comfy is to improve the amount of natural light that enters the space. There are many ways you can promote natural light in your rooms, such as keeping your windows clean and opening curtains every day. You can also reorganise your furniture to ensure that natural light makes it to the centre of the room, and will then spread around the room. Adding mirrors can also allow light to reflect around the room, and make your home seem much brighter and lighter. Improving your home’s natural light is one of the best things you can do to make you feel happier with your home. 

Add Some Finishing Touches 

You don’t need to break the bank to add a few finishing touches to your home, and elevate the space. By replacing some of your cheap soft furnishings, such as buying new rugs or investing in luxury cushion covers, you can instantly transform how elegant your home looks. Psychologically, just a few small changes can make someone happier with their home, as it can transform your interior design. You can also add just a few ornaments on tables and on windowsills to make the space look more dynamic and interesting. 


Don’t have a lot of money and time? By just doing a few of these small, simple things in your home you can instantly improve it. Don’t stay unhappy and unsatisfied with your home design – transform your exteriors today!