Smart Marketing Tips For The Small Business Owner

In many cases, the marketing budget for the small business owner is close to zero. The limited marketing budget is somewhat concerning to most business owners because they understand the importance of reaching out to potential consumers through a strong marketing campaign.  Even with a very limited budget, it is possible for small business owners to get some momentum going for their services and products.  Aggressive techniques include being creative, using email append, and become an expert.  Follow the tips below to create your own close-to-free marketing campaign by simply being smart.

  1. Get Creative! – Think back to your days in elementary art class when you heard the teacher coaxing you to use your imagination and get creative with those finger paints.  Finding your inner creativity is the best way to save you big bucks on your marketing campaign.  Think about some print ads, commercials, and packaging that have grabbed your attention.  Most likely the company took their service or product and put a strategic spin on it to create a visually stunning image that stayed with the viewer.  We’ve all seen the billboard with the real estate agent’s face on it and “SOLD” boldly printed in large red letters.  Do you really think that grabs people passing by?  How can you bring that billboard to an unpredictable, but captivating, level?  Time to put your creativity hat on and start brainstorming!
  2. You’ve Got Mail! – Register with a company that offers email append services. This service offers cost-effective strategies to reach your new group of customers at significant savings over time. This is a great tool that allows you to communicate more efficiently with current clients. Businesses using these types of services have also seen increased sales through cross selling and up-selling.
  3. Mr. / Ms. Know It All.– You’re in business for a reason.  You chose to start a business in a field that you clearly know a lot about.  It’s time to own that expertise and share it.  If you don’t have the funds to start a TV or radio campaign, do it for free.  Reach out to local magazines, newspapers, and media outlets to pitch your idea of doing a segment where you get interviewed about a topic.  Find a way to relate your business to a trending topic or news event and media outlets will snatch you up right and left.  Throw in a quick plug about your business or services and just like that you got yourself some free marketing.

To get the job done right, which means with little to no money, you need to channel your inner creativity god/goddess and get to work.  It is possible to watch your business grow with minimal resources; you just have to be willing to push yourself.

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