Smarten Up Your Home

We all want our homes to look nice, and whilst it’s easy to get carried away with how the inside looks, it’s often the outside that takes second precedence.  Yet simple measures that needn’t cause a gaping hole in your wallet can easily be adopted to really make your home look fresh and smart on both the inside and the outside.

Let it shine

Ok, it might sound obvious, but a really good Spring clean can work wonders for both the inside and outside of your house.  Whilst most people these days have modern UPVC windows, don’t ignore them just because they are easy maintenance.  They still need a wipe over now and again to make them sparkle.  And even if your windows gleam, don’t let yellowing net curtains or broken blinds let them down.

Don’t forget pathways, patios and garden furniture, too, especially during the Spring time when they’ve had Winter weather to deal with.  A good wash down can get rid of built-up grime, dirt and cobwebs, making your garden an appealing place to be.

Add some colour

Outside furniture, fences, gates and doors can take a bit of a battering from the elements, so a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into them.  Whilst it’s easy to focus on the back garden as this is most often where we look and spend our time, don’t forget what’s going on at the front.  The front of your house gives a first impression of what your house is like to others, and as we know, first impressions count, particularly if you come to sell your property.  Paint the front door, add some lighting along the path, place a flower-filled window box outside or some colourful plant pots by the door. Small touches can really make a difference.

Weed out the weeds

It’s hard to avoid them, but it makes sense to keep on top of them. Left to their own devices, weeds can really run riot and let your house down.  Weeds growing in between flagstones are nothing short of a nuisance, but there are a multitude of methods to eradicate them, so there is really no need to have to put up with them.  A simple cut of the grass can go a long way to smartening your house up, and even if gardening is not your thing, you could opt for decking, gravel or slate which is low-maintenance but still modern and appealing.

Sort out repairs

Cleaning and clearing out gutters and drains, keeping a check on loose or missing tiles and anything to do with fascias and soffits may not be exhilarating things to think about, but they are really essential, if you want to keep your house in tip top order.  If you leave problem jobs that have been niggling away they may only get worse and burn more of a hole in your pocket if they don’t get sorted.  Replacing windows past their shelf life with UPVC windows can seem like a big job, but it will really spruce your house up and save you money on bills by providing better insulation.  So, think long-term if you want the best for your home.

This article was written by James Harper on behalf of Stormclad, retailers of UPVC windows. To see how UPVC windows could help your home, click here and visit their site.

Photo: SveterCZE