Smoking – Worst Ways To Kick The Habit

Many smokers now acknowledge and accept that the habit can be extremely detrimental to their health and can cause diseases such as cancer, emphysema and lung disease. However, giving up can be far harder than most smokers anticipate with failure rates as high as 90%. Some smokers do a good job of setting themselves up to fail by trying to give up at a bad time or by using questionable methods to try and kick the habit. Here are the worst ways to quit smoking and why to stay away from them.

Giving Up At A Stressful Time

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Some smokers decide to give up at a time when quite frankly, they could probably do with a cigarette every now and again. If you are going through a particularly stressful time, it is probably better to wait it out until you are in a calmer period and then try and stop. Quitting smoking can be very stressful in itself and will not help if you are already under pressure as chances are you will probably crack and reach for the white stick. Then you will feel like a failure which can be stressful too!

Cutting Back

Experts say that cold turkey is the only way to go when it comes to quitting smoking all together. If you decide to cut back with a view of stopping all together in a few months you’re on the rocky road to disaster. Cutting down on smoking works in a similar way to cutting down on the drink and within a few days the ‘only one more won’t hurt’ mentality will kick in. Before you know it you’ll be back up to your usual ciggie allowance and no better off. Although it may sound hard, cold turkey is the best way if you a serious about stopping.

Replacing cigarettes with another unhealthy habit

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Nicotine Patches

Yes, believe it or not, nicotine replacement therapy is actually a very ineffective way to try and give up. By continuing to feed you addiction you will still experience cravings and studies show that most smokers eventually give in to them at some point meaning you are right back to square one. The only way to stop these cravings is to stop the nicotine completely which means ditching those patches once and for all!


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It won’t come as a surprise to all the sceptics out there that hypnotism really is one of the worst ways to try and stop smoking. It has gained popularity in recent years after celebrities and hypnotists have spoken about the ‘magical’ powers hypnotism has over the mind. Many doctors and scientists disagree however and say these people pray on gullible smokers desperate to quit. There is no concrete evidence suggesting it is a successful way to stop and even hypnotists themselves have admitted a person’s will power and their want to quit is more powerful than any ‘look into my eyes’ mind therapy.

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