Social Media Tactics For A Shoestring Budget

Social Media Tactics For A Shoestring Budget

Social media is becoming increasingly necessary in the world of small business. As more opportunities arise within social media, we witness a large amount of businesses underestimating the potential behind this upcoming trend. Social media in the business world is an enormous marketing tool that can provide a company with global communications, and it can be done on even the smallest of budgets. There are many questions to ask before deciding if a business should diving into the world of social media, but as it is becoming a necessity for a company to stay alive in today’s tech-driven world, all businesses need to make room in their budget to capitalize on this opportunity. Let’s go over some cost-efficient social media tactics that a business can easily employ within their social media campaign.

Provide Fast Customer Service

The world of customer service has become much more fast-paced. Customers want to connect with a business via social media rather than call or send an email, because it is an immediate and transparent (everybody wants their issues to be heard). This puts a lot of pressure on a business to be on top of their social media game, however customers will take note of their experience, and according to this study by Market Force Information, a majority of potential customers will base their purchasing decisions off of a business’s social media presence. Simply providing quality, fast customer service can be an enormous win for the business – and guess what. It’s free.

Hold a Social Media Contest

Utilizing social media contests can generate a lot of buzz around a businesses, because everybody loves winning. Businesses can use this to their advantage to help generate positive engagement within the community, while also gaining an interested following behind their brand. Hosting a social media contest is a tactic that can cost a small amount of cash to set up. However if designed correctly, it can bring in a massive amount of new customers. Making the return on investment much higher than the original expenditure.

Have Conversations

One of the greatest opportunities within social media is a business’s ability to engage with individuals among the industry. A growing part of this tactic is participating in and hosting Twitter chats, or simply just engaging within the community. After all, social media should be used for just that – socializing. Social media grants a businesses the ability to express their industry knowledge and ultimately show the community why they are the solution to their needs, and aside from the small amount of time that is spent to talk with an industry professional or participate in a chat – there is virtually no money required to get started.

Share Your Content

As inbound marketing is becoming much more relevant, social media is quickly becoming a fantastic tool to boost its potential. Before social media, a website’s new content never used to see the light of day, because nobody was aware of its existence. Thankfully, social media allows businesses to strategically share their content, and encourage others to share it, with an enormous audience of interested readers.


Overall, social media grants a business many affordable opportunities to generate success across a plethora of different avenues, and utilizing these tactics within a social media campaign will help build a business’s brand throughout the world. Let’s continue the conversation on Twitter, @trvshlvrd_rr.