Social Networking Sites-Boon Or Bane?

Social Networking Sites-Boon or Bane? These days the onset of social networking sites has changed everything. First came Orkut in around the mid-2000s.
Then followed Facebook and other like hi5, Twitter, Friendster and others. Among them Facebook has attained most popularity. Recent surveys show that Facebook has over 700 million members. People all over the world log into their respective accounts to connect to their near and dear ones.
These social networking sites can be (and also are) used by many people for their own interests like promoting a particular event or for some business purposes. By doing this they benefit a lot because many people come to know about their business. Creating SE0 backlinks can help an individual increase his visibility in Google.

Making a website by experienced professionals helps increase visibility because when any other individual will search for that particular company then he/she will be able to see that particular company’s website in any search engine. This is called search engine optimization (SEO). Many companies all around the globe create websites. The site will then be linked to social networking sites which will then increase the amount of traffic coming to the website.
There are many great ways to increase your Google visibility using social sites. Cheap backlinks can be created easily now-a-days which have led to more and more websites being created. There are several ways by which one can drive useful traffic into their website or blog. They must keep in mind that they must keep good headlines in their blog posts as it will lead to more traffic. Sharing the post in different sites will increase the amount of traffic.
Thus social networking sites help increase traffic drastically. Below the webpage of any blog post one can see different buttons for sharing in different social networking sites. Many people have been promoting their pages for a very long time In Twitter one can only type up to 140 characters. If the link is longer than that then there are websites which shorten the length. Back link creation can be a profitable business if one takes money for creation of back links.
Every company must describe something or other about their products and services in blog posts or through some other way which is then shared or liked by others. In short social networking sites are a type of boon for people who use it usefully. For others it is just a means of being online and connecting with friends and family. Thus in a nut shell one can say that Search Engine Optimization and social networking go hand in hand.
It’s all about getting the right traffic at the right time so that the SE0 is useful. Thus every individual who wants his/her company’s name to spread should have a website that has access to all social networking sites present in the world. Sharing and liking are the two options in Facebook and +1 option in Google Plus allows people to see other people’s shared/liked/+1 posts. People who know SEO can save money by doing the work themselves. So to sum up one must either know SEO or must make a website by experienced and knowledgeable people so that he/she can expand his business.
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