Some Android Apps For Home Decor

With the light speed growth rate of technology unfolding before our eyes, many ways of doing things are quickly changing. There are, believe it or not softwares and apps to do just about every and anything: virtually making tasks that would otherwise be considered difficult, easy, or long, short and therefore bringing comfort and satisfaction to doing things by one’s self. Take for example, decorating your home, which can be challenging for everyone, even those with artistic eyes. Fortunately we live in a digital age of smart phones and apps, where decorating just got very easy.

Here are some of the best android apps that will help you through planning and decorating your home.

• Color Capture, Benjamin Moore- This android app gives you the discretion to capture a picture of just about anything that your eye catches, anywhere you are, whether you are dinning with family, colleagues, shopping or even jogging. Then it discovers a color that matches from Benjamin Moore’s collection of over 3,300 paint colors. And allows you to share your most favorite colors with your closest friends and family on Facebook, twitter and through e-mails. So you can easily and quickly get their thoughts and advice. Additionally you can save pictures with their coordinating colors to your favorites or group colors to create a customized piece. This app is free and works with great ease.

• Dream Home. This app is loaded with super high quality pictures of elegant interior designs to get you throbbing with inspiration. Amazingly this app does not require internet, only updates that add more beautiful photos on a weekly basis, viewing the slide show navigation is also quite easy. This Android app is available for only ($1.99).

• Home depot. Any person who is a serious DIY-er knows the struggle involved in finding supplies. This app is truly a breath of fresh feelings resulting from its ability to allow you research and buy tools, and search inventories to see what is in stock. With this app you can scan barcodes and automatically get access to hundreds of Home Depot DIY videos. This Android app is free and commendably easy to use.

• iHandy Level. Another cool Android app that gives you precision in your decorating. Ever wanted to hang a photo or put up a shelf? You don’t have to worry your head with calculating and measuring angles. This app does all that for you, it measures angles with accuracy and gives you just the right spot to hang or place that photo or shelf digitally. This concise app is free.

• BuildApp. This android app is so good that you should buy it twice, but it is surprisingly free. It is the best 3D house modeling tool on Android! The coolest thing about this app is that it makes use of an in built camera that gives you the freedom to take photos of house walls that you find interesting and integrate them into your model.

• Decorate like a celebrity. This Android app affords you the opportunity to, without all that money, decorate your homes like your favorite celebrity. Android picture decorative app gives you lessons on elements and the dos and don’ts of interior designing. Along with different ideas and just how to put a decorating budget together. This app allows you to design your home like a movie star at just a fraction of the cost.

Take advantage of the technological advancements today such as these that increasingly afford us opportunities the ancients would wish for, design the 21st century way with these apps.

Denis is a freelance writer that contributes to  Ventless Fireplace Pros where you can get some useful information pertaining to home decorations as well as  wall mounted fireplace.