Some Extraordinary Examples Of Road Accidents

Some Extraordinary Examples Of Road AccidentsRoad accidents are more often than not Tragic. They are one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. However, once in a Blue Moon, an accident occurs which is so ridiculous we just have to laugh about it.

The Honda that Took Drive-In Pizza Literally

Earlier this year, an elderly man in the USA, driving a Honda Fit, got his foot stuck on the accelerator. Living up to its name, the Fit fitted right through the front doors of a Valentino’s pizza restaurant, to the astonishment of other customers. Stepping on the brakes, the gentleman would down his window and proceeded to order a pizza. He was taken to hospital to get checked over but had sustained no injuries and was reportedly quite calm.

The Freddie Flintstone Stunt

In 2011, Police were called when a 24 year old man tried to use his feet as brakes to stop his moving car and would you believe it, failed; hitting four other cars along the route. The young man was done for Reckless Driving although contrary to what you may have suspected, he was stone cold sober at the time of the attempt. The personal injury law firms representing the other 4 drivers said it was the first case they had ever heard of a cartoon copycat although they often came across people in fancy dress costumes, notably among stag parties. In an another curious twist on this theme, a gang walked free from court in May 2013 having staged an elaborate fake stag do in order to mock up a “crash for cash” and pretending to have smashed their minibus. They did all get community service though.

The Two Year Old Trucker

It’s very rare, for good reason, for personal injury law firms to be called upon to represent the Under Fives. However, this summer saw a couple in Georgia get home one day to find a large red truck crashed right into the front of their house. The culprit turned out to be the toddler who lived across the street from them. Whilst the Dad was at the back, unloading a delivery, the child had been in the cab and had slipped the vehicle into gear. It rolled right across the road and smashed into the bricks and water, leaving a very big hole in the wall. They call him Baby Driver!

The Life-saving Accident

Sadly, accidents often result in loss of life or lifelong impairment, but not always. In a bizarre twist of fate, lorry driver Richard M. Paylor, a 55 year old experienced trucker, was driving his big rig out of town. Owing to the width of the vehicle, he had to inform the local police force that he planned to be on the public highway and he duly phoned through with his route. Taking breakfast on the move, he bit into an apple, a piece dislodged in his windpipe and, deprived of air, he blacked out. The truck crashed right across the concrete barrier of the freeway. The shock of the impact acted as a Heimlich manoeuvre onto his chest and the apple flew out. If he hadn’t have crashed in that way he would be dead now. Even experienced personal injury law firms rarely come across such happy endings.

Maria John has experienced personal injury law firms as an intern and now as a qualified paralegal secretary. Her hobby is collecting unusual case histories which she hopes one day to publish as a book.