Some Facts On BJ Farmer and CITOC

CITOC is a firm based in Houston that has been the beneficiary of awards for providing the most excellent in IT & cloud services that has helped businesses boost operational efficiency and lessen their general IT expenditures and boost their overall yield. This firm offers Technology that has made it possible for businesses across Houston to achieve their objectives.

BJ Farmer as President & CEO                      

20 years have passed since BJ Farmer of CITOC was appointed as the president of this company. He is an ideal instance of a dynamic and successful business leader in Houston. His focal point has constantly been towards the improvement of IT efficiency of businesses, reduction of intricacies, and the increase in the productivity of the member of staff. Ben has the experience of working with a few of the most flourishing businesses in the city of Houston.  His career is one that has spanned over numerous years in offering IT solutions that such companies require for competing and succeeding. At present Ben keeps on working amid the business leaders of Houston, offering them a tactical IT course, and aiding them in overcoming the challenges that IT technology throws on them.

In choosing CITOC as the trusted IT colleague of your company what you are benefiting from is the finest IT company of the Houston neighborhood, and the most excellent IT specialists who have total dedication to the overall success of your company Technology is capable of doing a lot more than merely accounting/ spreadsheets. It is capable of increasing your profitability, reducing operational expenditures and improving the communication that your business maintains with its customers and members of staff.

CITOC is capable of developing custom solutions on the basis of the requirements of your business. It also has the resources for meeting the onsite requirement of your business and public & private cloud expertise for the maintenance of secure operations that of your business.

Under the direction of BJ Farmer CITOC has been successful in implementing MS cloud services. Office365 facilitates the access of all business information by employees regardless of where they are situated worldwide. The client makes use of MS 2010, accessible via Office365 as a component of their project for accessing MS Exchange services online for email and MS SharePoint Online for sharing a huge amount of files with the complete team.

About the Company

Set up in 1995 the industry capability, official recognition, and reward-winning services of CITOC will save your business in Houston from the difficulties that IT inefficiencies bring about.

This consulting service was set up on the hypothesis that Change’s the sole Constant. Expertise changes on a on a monthly basis and the professionals at CITOC stay abreast of such changes with constant official recognition in the most up-to-date IT solutions.

All businesses that are based in Southeast Texas and Houston can totally count on them for their professional knowledge, cloud services, for ensuring speedy development through improved IT.

CITOC is an organization that has changed a great deal as an IT provider over the course of the past 19 years, and they have grown to be the foremost Houston based IT provider for providing improved IT services that are lucrative and steadfast.