Some General Ideas For A Hassle-free Visitation Schedule After Divorce

One of biggest troubles after the divorce a parent faces is the issue of visitation. The bitterness with the spouse that led to the divorce looms large over the visitation scheduling and rules. And it’s never easy to see the child suffer for the unsuccessful marriage. One tends to suffer from deep rooted guilt conscious.

Yet, the rules and extents of visitation need to be clear with both the parties. The divorce being a difficult situation already, you need to see that the child does not go through any more untoward and unexpected trauma. Knowing these will help you have a better control over the situation.

  • Start at the Basic

The best divorce lawyers will help you decide whether you be a custodian parent or the visiting one. Please remember, being a custodian doesn’t make any partner the better parent as being the visiting one doesn’t make any one a lesser one. You need to understand that it’s about providing the best for the child so please abstain from making the decision as a matter of biased perspectives.

  • Have a Written Schedule Ready

Whichever side you decide to take, please form a legally binding schedule with consent of your spouse and the advice of your divorce lawyer in Chandigarh. Please take all possible situations into account before forming the decree. Your lawyer will help you with his/her experience with other such cases and make the schedule an exhaustive one. Please try to avoid even a slight ambiguity as the legal system of India is a vast and complicated one, you never know how and when you can be denied of your rights with the child.

  • The Spill Over Effect

Many decide to leave the city after a divorce, it helps coping with the new lifestyle and the burden of change. However, whether you are the custodian or the visiting parent, please bear in mind, what you think as the best for the child may not be so. Ask your lawyer for divorce about how to maintain an unbiased scheduling should you or your estranged spouse decide to move to a different location.

a)   Whatever decision you and your ex-partner take, jointly or separately, please keep in mind that a divorce is a big enough break in the normal flow of life for your child. So, establishing and maintain a steady routine is a must after the divorce. Try to make the visiting schedule an unfailing one, this will help the child come back to a new normalcy.

b)   Please make allowances for the estranged spouse. Keeping him/her in the loop about your life and schedules is essential for the visitation to work.

  • Know the difference: Support and Visitation

A financially or socially challenged parent without divorce doesn’t suffer from guilt. Neither should you in case you assume yourself as a failure and miss out on your visitation dates. Please understand that India treats child support and visitation as separate issues, so don’t withheld visitation rights on the pretext of failing to support.

Visitation is a difficulty, so rely on your divorce advocate in Chandigarh to help you through this.

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