Some Of The Best Places To Eat In NYC

We all love to go on vacation, it’s a great opportunity for us to relax and check out some of the well-known tourist destinations the area has to offer. But one of the most important and enjoyable things about visiting somewhere new is finding a good place to eat.

Fortunately New York is full of great places to eat and it’s been a real pleasure compiling this selection of eateries and restaurants for you.


This is a top-class pizza restaurant that’s not to be missed. There are no cheap slogans hanging on the wall and there certainly isn’t the fast-food atmosphere that you get in a lot of pizza joints. Situated in Moore St, Brooklyn, Roberta’s has a menu suitable for just about anyone, and an atmosphere that helps you to relax.
Sitting at a pine table in this stylish restaurant, you will have the opportunity to choose from a large menu while you listen to the Heritage Radio Network that plays at just the right volume in the background.
The food here is excellent and even if you’re not the greatest pizza fan, you can still choose from a wide variety of sumptuous dishes that will make your mouth water as you read about them from the menu. Open from 11am until midnight, you have no excuse not to visit if you’re in the area.


There are four Momofuku restaurants around New York City and each restaurant serves a different type of food. The restaurants are Noodle bar, Ssäm bar & Booker and Dax, Ko and Má pêche.  These four unique places to eat serve very high quality food and beverages, but the best out of the four has to be Ssäm bar as the food is exceptional and it has won a host of awards to prove this.
Found on 2nd Avenue, New York, this restaurant has an ever-changing menu that has proved a hit with the locals and visitors alike, bringing them back time and time again.
The lunch menu at Ssäm bar is to die for and if you’re a fan of duck you’ll see why when you tuck into one of the many duck dishes on offer. With a menu that suits everyone’s tastes and prices that won’t break the bank, this is a stylish and modern restaurant you don’t want to miss out on.

Brooklyn Fare

If you have come to New York to experience the pleasure of eating in a restaurant that is so good you’ll have difficulty making reservations then Brooklyn Fare is for you. Located in Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, you may be surprised to find this restaurant in a grocery store. However, being a Michelin three star establishment, Brooklyn Fare won’t be serving up some cheap cups of coffee and run-of-the-mill snacks.
The cost for eating at the Chef’s Table where the menu changes daily is (At time of writing) $225 and you’ll need to be hungry as you’ll be served more than twenty courses. You’ll have to book approximately 6 weeks in advance and when you get in touch they’ll you what week they’re taking reservations for, but it’s definitely worth the wait. If you’re a big seafood and shellfish fan then you’ll love the Brooklyn fare as much as I do.
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