Some Variety Of Marinades

Beef steak

Indulge yourself in a mesmerising food experience of delicious-heights with impressively prepared marinades by some of the great chefs. A perfect brew of home-made yogurt, supple cheese and freshherbs along with sun-dried spices is used for preparing an enticing variety of marinades at Licious.It is extremely easy to cook and serves your Licious expectations with a wide range of flavours leaving behind an enduring aromatic zest for the taste buds.

An Array of Marinades : With these flavour enhancing marinades, cooking meat will become easier and better. Give your tummy a treat like never before with a huge array of meat styled with marinades in different ways, giving each a trademark taste of its own while keeping it moist, fresh and juicy. The meat is cleaned deftly and the marinade is hand-rubbed astutely such that it grips around it. It helps in tenderizing meat by penetrating through the outside, thus augmenting the taste with every bite you take.These flavour amplifiers are prepared in a way that complements the natural taste of the meat which adds onto the luscious recipe of the cook making it soft and appetizing.

A Variety of Choices : Serve the cooked meat with side dish of sauces depending upon the flavour of marinades used for the meat and you are good to go. These mouth watering dishes will leave you stunned and craving for more. May it be fiery-spicy periperi chicken with a tinge of African’s bird eye chilli and oregano, chicken malai tikka with a touch of creamy texture of homemade cream best when served with tomato salsa or oriental chicken lollipops soaked in with finest oriental spices and Licious secret ingredients; one can purchase superior quality meat and seafood with a promising Licious experience. The list of uniquely curated concoction of high quality oil, spices, wine and other similar set of ingredients does not end here, Licious has a lot more to offer you.

Hygienic and Superior Quality Meat : Enjoy the super delicious seasoning to the meat with a balance of acid, oil and spice. The delectable products delivered will leave you spellbound. In this health conscious era, everyone wants to eat hygienic and superior quality meat and seafood which Licious strives to deliver you with. The artfully marinated meat gives a delectable long term sense which will make you fall back to Licious every time you crave well-seasoned paramount quality meat or seafood.