Sound Sofa Review: Integrated Couch, iPhone Doc & Hi-Fi

Comfort and entertainment are conveniently combined in CSL’s Sound Sofa. Dubbed “the sofa you can dance to,” the Sound Sofa features a quality built-in stereo system, allowing users to relax while listening to the soothing sounds of their favourite tunes. However, instead of just creating a sofa that plays music, they chose to think of all the important little details when designing this unique piece of furniture.

Multiple audio inputs

First of all, the Sound Sofa can play music from a number of sources. More specifically, although the most highly publicized music system connected with this sofa is Apple’s iPhones/iPods, the sofa is actually capable of playing tunes stored on just a memory or via Bluetooth as well. The sofa also has a convenient USB port which can be connected to other mp3 players or other sources of music as well. This means that music enthusiasts truly do not have to purchase any additional music equipment to enjoy the technological benefits of the Sound Sofa, since this sofa will most likely be able to play music in the form that they already have it stored in. At the same time, the Sound Sofa supports music stored in all formats, so no reformatting of sound files should be necessary at all. All sound/music is played through the sofa’s three build in speakers and bass box, which blare quality 2.1 stereo sound.

Picking a colour that you prefer

In addition to conveniently combing a stereo system with comfortable furniture, they also thought to offer their Sound Sofa in a number of options. For example, the Sound Sofa can be purchased in an option that seats up to five people. At the same time, this sofa is available in six different colours, and CSL offers potential customers the option of using their “In your room” feature on their website to help consumers more easily visualize how the Sound Sofa will look in their own homes. The Sound Sofa is made from quality, comfortable fabric and will coordinate perfectly with a number of decorating schemes. Additionally, this corner group sofa can be purchased in either a left or right hand facing option.

Clean up your living room

Besides simply eliminating the need to purchase additional stereo system equipment, the Sound Sofa also does away with the problem of unsightly wires. No longer is running an ugly series of wires from your stereo system to the electrical outlet and your iPod necessary, since the Sound Sofa simply hides away all these wires in its excellently designed system. To make matters even better, this sofa sports an iPod docking port so that users can charge their iPods while still enjoying their music—a great two for one deal. At the same time, the Bluetooth compatibility of the system will also be a much loved feature by gamers, as it offers them the convenience of enjoying sounds through their lounging furniture.

Backed by a guarantee

As with all CSL sofas, the Sound Sofa is backed by the company’s “Love it or exchange it” guarantee, leaving consumers with the knowledge that if they are not pleased with their sofa selection they can simply exchange it for a different option. They offer a full range of comfortable sofas, from a classy black leather sofa to brilliantly coloured bright purple recliners. These sofas can be sold as complete furniture sets, and like the Sound Sofa system, are available in a number of sizes. They offer convenient home delivery options and an estimated number of hours for when these deliveries can be accomplished is revealed by each respective furniture piece on the company’s official product website.  In addition to the “Love it or exchange it” guarantee, the Sound Sofa is also backed by a lifetime structural guarantee.

The Sound Sofa is undeniably a fresh idea in the furniture market. This sofa combines entertainment needs with comfort and aesthetic considerations, and the outcome is excellent. At just £999, the Sound Sofa is also considerably affordable—especially when accounting for all of the sofa’s fun features.

Oliver Bray’s interested in interior design was sparked by the refurbishment of his house a few years ago. Since then he’s evangelised on the affect our environment has on us and writes about the latest fashion trends designed to inspire your life.