South American Delights: Visiting Argentina

Home to many world famous football players, Argentina is also renowned for its fantastic cuisine, mountainous terrain, rich history and impressive cities such as Buenos Aires. It is the second largest country in South America, so getting around will be tough without a car and looking into a rental might be a good move to explore this vast country.

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Igazu Falls

It is debatably the biggest tourist attraction Argentina, and rightly so. The remarkable Igazu Falls has people travelling from far and wide to spectate this natural wonder. In the heart of this natural beast you will find the semi-circular waterfall ‘The Devil’s throat.’ In addition to the other waterfalls, the total diameter is 2,700 metres and they all stand at around 80 metres high.  If you have the nerve, you can walk along the edge of many these waterfalls and get a memory which will last a lifetime.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Unlike the free flowing water of Igazu Falls, this one is completely frozen. It is located in South Patagonia and is an incredible 97square miles in area. Despite its enormous size, it is only one of 48 glaciers which reside in the Andes. The paths which enable you to get close to Igazu are also on display here, so you can get up-close and personal with this ginormous block of ice and take some great photos. There are short boat trips which take you to the lake where the glaciers flows into, which offers another interesting perspective.

Mendoza Province

For anyone who enjoys a glass of wine, visiting Mendoza must be high on your priority list. The climate and geographic location of this province make it an ideal place for cultivating wine. The region is dry and sunny but receives enough water from the nearby Rio Mendoza to keep crops growing. Despite being well-known for its Malbec production, other wines such as Torrontes, Semillon, Syrah and Tempranillo are also worth sampling. The city of Mendoza is actually the fourth largest in Argentina and has plenty of options to explore, including taking some photos in the central plaza.

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