Soya Recipes That One Must Try Once In Their Life Time

Many theories surround soya beans, but there’s no contradiction to the fact that soya holds a special pride in the world of vegetarian food lovers. This is a perfect substitute of meat for the vegetarians as it is packed with nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates.

There is a range of mouth-watering dishes that can be made using soya recipes. One such recipe is malai soya chaap recipe. The best part of having soya recipes is that it provides our body much-needed minerals and nutrients.

The reasons for the popularity of Soy Dishes among the food lovers are discussed further. Firstly, it has a delicious flavour, and secondly, it has high nutritional values like:

  •    Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  •    Low-fat
  •    Minerals
  •    Proteins
  •    Ailments

Some delectable soya recipes are mentioned below:

Thai Soyabeanin Cabbage Cups: This is a pure vegetarian, low-fat dish, which is filled with a lot of flavours. This soybean salad tastes best when mixed with chillies, sprouts, crunchy vegetables and little lemon juice to make it little tangy. The reason why this goes well with the food lovers is that regarding taste it’s delicious and in terms of health it provides your body all essential nutrients. Thus this dish should be consumed by all vegetarian food lovers.

Mali Chaap Curry:MalaiChaap recipe is a traditional north Indian curry dish, which is made up of soya chaap. This protein rich dish might not be as healthy as other soya dishes because a large amount of cream is used in this while cooking to make it rich. Who cares? As this dish is too delicious to even think of health quotient while having it.

Soya Seekh Veg Kebabs: This dish will certainly make you go weak on your knees. Delicious kebabs made with veggies like peas, potatoes and textured with soya chunks when served with mint chutney gives you a feeling of having some rich Mughlai dish. In terms of health, this is definitely one of the best soyadishes that vegetarians should incorporate in their diet at least once in a week.

Soya Stir Fry: Soya stir fry is cooked in various spices and chillies. This soya stir fry is a healthy and tasty snack item. It’s favourite vegetarian recipe of many non-vegetarian food lovers as well. Many people use this as a substitute for meat during festivals like Easter and Christmas.

Soya bean Ki ChatpatiSabzi: Now this is a must try item for all. Soyabean Ki Sabzi is a traditional curry. To make it tasty one can add a few drops of lemon in the curry and make this protein rich curry taste the best. It is garnished with coriander leaves and tastes best when paired with normal chapatti or rice for that matter.

No one can deny the fact that soyabean is the healthiest food item and therefore people should find a way to incorporate it into their diet. Especially the ones who are pure vegetarian because of the great amount of proteins and nutrients that soya bean contains no other vegetarian item have that.