SPA Health-Giving Powers: Popular SPA Complexes In Malaysia

Malaysian SPA consists of herbal bathes, massage, warm herbal essences, wrapping, pilling with herbs and flowers. SPA traditions in Malaysia were born about 5 years ago. Actually, they combined Malaysian, Arabian, Chinese, and Indian SPA traditions. This is the country of ancient forests full of medical plants. This is a nice opportunity to get SPA procedures with the use natural herbal oils. Choose one of numerous SPA hotels in Malaysia to get some rest and peace.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort

The health complex Berjaya Resort is located in Burau Bay, which is in the territory of the National Park – World GeoPark. The hotel presents more than 409 comfortable suits (chalets) of different categories. Their interior is done in the South-Asian style. The guests use restaurants, bars, cafes, SPA center, fitness center, clinic, banquet halls and conference halls, souvenir shop, internet-cafe, swimming pool and kids’ club. The range of SPA services is impressive: massages, masks, wrapping programs, beauty salon.

The Datai Langkawi

SPA hotel is situated in the North-West seacoast of Langkawi, surrounded by jungle forests and deep plants. It would be better to hire a car in Langkawi airport and go straight to the Coast of Andaman Sea. Actually, you are advices to travel by car in Malaysia. The hotel has 106 suits of different categories, including 54 rooms, 12 suites and 40 villas. This categorization is typical for Malaysia. You are offered to visit restaurants, pubs, SPA center. Swimming pool, tennis courts, golf field.

SPA center is specialized in face and body care programs: herbal bath, massages, pilling and exclusive SPA rituals. There is an opportunity to do yoga and meditation.

The Andaman

Andaman Hotel is located in the North Coast of Langkawi, surrounded by deep forests and green mountains. The hotel offers different variants of suits with the jungle view and sea view. SPA center, lagoon, swimming-pool, comfortable beach, water sports, golf field and many different opportunities for attractions and eco tourists are available. SPA center takes care of our soul and body by baths, wrapping, pilling, and aroma therapy. Do you like yoga?

Tanjung Rhu Resort

The hotel complex Tanjung Rhu Resort is situated in the beach of the North Coast of Tanjung Rhu. The nature is amazing. The hotel has 137 comfortable suits of different categories. There are 3 restaurants, 3 bars, open-air swimming pool, tennis courts and 12 cabinets for SPA procedures. You can visit sauna, fitness center, SPA-boutique. The SPA center presents different procedures, based on unique combination of ancient SPA traditions and modern technologies.

Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa

The hotel complex Shangri-La Tanjung Aru is located in the Western Coast of Borneo. 500 comfortable suits of different classifications are waiting for you. The hotel territory boasts with restaurants, bars, fitness and SPA centers, water sport club (windsurfing, water ski, diving, snorkeling), golf field and many other entertainments. SPA center is placed in the island, not far from the hotel. It offers the wide range of home-made care services, based on local traditions, including massages, wrapping, hydrotherapy, natural cosmetics. There is yoga and meditation pavilion.

Ayura Spa

Ayura Spa is placed in the territory of Berjaya Langkawi Resort. SPA salon offers a lot of exclusive programs for restoring balance and beauty. You may try massage, masks, beauty salon procedures, wrapping. All used ingredients are natural: coffee, tropic fruits, sea salt, sea plants and natural oils. There is sauna and fitness center in the territory.

The Datai Spa

Datai Spa is a big SPA salon that is situated in the territory of the hotel complex The Datai Langkawi. It consists of 4 pavilions, located close to the jungles. The guests are offered wide range of body and face care services. The most of them are Asian: massages, relax baths, pilling, wrapping, aroma therapy, Ayurveda and Datai exclusive programs.

Pangkor Laut Resort & Spa Village

Pangkor Hotel is placed in the territory of Pangkor Island. It is built in the middle of quiet bays and dessert beaches. Pangkor Laut Hotel is included in the list of The Small Luxury Hotels of The World. This list includes the best hotels-boutiques in the world. Resort offers just Suits and Villas to live in. There is separate territory – Estate Luxury Resort. Villas are offered for two guests. The rooms are big. The bigger part of the room is taken by bathroom. The rooms are organized with wardrobe room and bathroom, balcony and terrace.

The SPA complex consists of 8 pavilions. Each of them is specialized in one or another SPA service. There is a place for wrapping, baths, bar, library, Thai pavilion, swimming pool, shop, herbal plantation. SPA center is the best-visiting and high demand service. It is built in the form of a picturesque village on the seaside. The world popular anti-age procedure is available. Pay attention to traditional Malaysian and Thai procedures. The programs are aimed to restore your physical and psychical health. Just experienced specialists work here.

You are also offered to walk in the forests every day. There is a culinary school in the hotel, where you can learn cooking Thai and Malaysian dishes. The hotel restaurant chef is going to teach you.

Sunway Resort & SPA

The hotel is placed in the territory of huge resort complex Sunway Integrated Resort City, 30 minutes driving from the Kuala Lumpur airport. This is a real resort city. You can find all necessary things and attractions for healthy and comfortable rest. The rooms are organized with big TV, marble bath. It takes you little time to get to the big trade center Mega from your hotel. Do not forget about rental car services.

SPA in Malaysia is the main and the most respectable kind of services. This is the main attraction for tourists. The local SPA salons impress you with the set of standard SPA services and exotic procedures. This is not only about quality procedures but friendly personnel and special atmosphere. Never you’re your chance to try individual SPA program or ritual. As a rule, SPA program includes exotic massage, wrapping and anti-age therapy. Enjoy it!