Spice Up Your Next Company Event

When it comes to fostering an office environment where employees are hardworking, engaged, and productive, there really is no better way to keep the troops motivated than by regularly hosting events where there is no work at all. Companies that regularly hold events where the main point is just for folks to have a good time also regularly have the most cohesive, dedicated workforce. But in order to make it work — to make your company event actually productive — it needs to be organic. You can’t tell people to wear Hawaiian shirts on Friday and expect to see better dialogue in a meeting on Monday. You can, however, host a catered party complete with a cocktail bar, appetizers, promotional prize wheels custom designed to appeal to your workforce and some great giveaways as prizes. It’s the old concept of Spend Money to Make Money and guess what? It works.

Now let’s focus on something for a second there: prize giveaways. Anyone who has ever been to an event where there is a raffle type of giveaway knows that it is the moment that causes greatest excitement. Even for the folks who don’t win a prize, there is the fun of the potential and then the celebration along with the winner. Raffles are great ways to draw people together, making for a stronger sense of community. (And it’s also just plain nice to now and then give your valued employees — or your volunteers, your students, your congregation, etc. — something just for being good people!)

Using promotional prize wheels is a great way to add a fun and exciting visual and suspense element to the “Big Moment.” Reaching into a hat for a slip of paper will achieve the same results, sure, but when people see that New HD Flatscreen TV or the Tickets to Vegas spinning in circles, not knowing if they’re about to win a great prize, you get some memorable moments; moments that will be talked about through smiling faces long after the hors d’ouvres plates and cocktail napkins have been cleaned up.

And with customized promotional prize wheels, you can make your event personalized and special for your company. From a Lunch Date with the CEO to a Day Off to anything that would be special especially for your company, managers/HR heads can show the employees they understand value them as individuals, and also that they are out for fun themselves!

The main point is to make certain that when you host a corporate event, it is the kind of gathering people flock to, not that they feel is just an extension of their work day. This can take work on your part, but it is worth the effort!

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