Sports Spread Betting Or The Bookies?

This is an interesting question for those who want to bet on sports but like to weigh up each in terms of their benefits. Take the traditional bookies, not perhaps the most wonderful venue to spend a summers afternoon watching a football match, surrounded by old-school types using words like ‘punt’ and drinking Bovril but at least a place with plenty of traditional charm and lots of readily available advice. For many, going to the bookies is not only a social stereotype but also an experience done casually as a pure bet rather than the venue-of-choice to carry out a finely-tuned and rigorously tested sports trading strategy. This is fundamentally where sports spread betters and high-street punters differ.

The Difference

Sports spread betting involves more than a simple guess although it is by no means a pure-skill pastime. Sports spread betting allows traders to bet on hundreds of markets within one sports event, far more comprehensive than traditional bookies, and they also provide a range of online tools to use in analysing and allowing charts to be viewed thoroughly before you decide to place a bet through the online platform. Spread betting is also very clear on your execution price, as well as being able to place a bet at any point, day or night.

Thousands of Markets

Spread betting has developed to become most popular form of online trading and sports spread betting provides the perfect opportunity to bet on the sports which you are most familiar. From the thousands of bets available, both during and before that game, spread betters can often choose from far more diverse and specialist markets than with regular bookies. An example of how spread betting differs to the advantage of the trader is in choosing a spread of goals in football. If a trader bets that there will be more than 3 goals in a game, a traditional bookie would give you a fixed winning amount for this whilst a spread bet would gains a specified amount for each goal that is scored beyond the 3.

Whilst fixed odds betting is good for those who like to bet infrequently and blindly on sports, spread betting is far better for those who have a reasonable knowledge of their sports and an idea of the likelyhood of the results based on analysis and research. Spread betting is also much more flexible than rigid, fixed odds betting,. This is because positions can be closed prematurely if either the bet is entering too much loss at some stage during its life or if the position is in profit and a trader wants to bank these.

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This article by Tristan will help you understand sports betting and the alternatives you have. If you click here you can find all the information you need to spread bet on sports.