Sprint Versus T-Mobile – Who To Go With For Cellphone Services?

Sprint Versus T-Mobile - Who To Go With For Cellphone Services?

Both Sprint and T-Mobile has their own plus as well as negative sides, and the service that you should go with should be decided according to your needs, as well as the area you live in. Both the services are highly criticized by subscribers for spotty network coverage. So, the service you opt for should include your area amongst the spots that is covered well.

To know which one works better in your locality you can simply ask your neighbors and if most of them are using a particular service of the two, Sprint or T-Mobile, opt for that without further ado, because anything else hardly matters more than the network coverage when it comes to cellphone services.

Quality of Network

Now, if your area is one of the lucky ones that are covered well by both the carriers, it is the time when you need to go for further research to find out which one of the two, Sprint or T-Mobile, you should go with. The first thing to consider here is the network quality. In overall network performance both the players being considered here rank close, and that is not amongst the top position which is taken by Verizon and AT&T. However, great improvement in their network quality, for both T-Mobile and Sprint has been observed and they rank third and fourth respectively in this regard.

Customer Service

As far as their customer service goes, you can Contact Sprint Customer Service very easily anytime you need assistance; but T-Mobile also does not fall back in this aspect. So, now you need to look at the next aspect to decide the better one for you.


It is obvious that you will like to go with a mobile service that offers the best plans; and in this aspect, T-Mobile actually beats Sprint. T-Mobile is the only one amongst the big carriers that offer contract-free plan; but for the Sprint customers a discounted price is available only if they opt to go with a yearlong contract. Even the 1GB plan of T-Mobile is highly efficient as it offers a bunch of added benefits like free streaming of music without being counted under the data use of the subscriber as well as mobile hotspot; and T-Mobile also does not charge for any data overages.

In the higher data tiers, that is over 10GB, the most competitive rates are given by Sprint and not T-Mobile, however, the service of T-Mobile is better. T-Mobile is known for its excellent coverage and speed in metropolitan areas but in rural America the network needs more improvement.

For Sprint the network speed is not actually something to recommend on. All in all, if you are looking for a service that offers the best value for your money, T-Mobile can be surely one of the best options at your hand. On the other hand, Sprint is well known for its excellent customer service, and for any issues you can Contact Sprint Customer Service instantly even through the online social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook.