Spruce Up Your House For A Quick Sale

In the current housing market, selling your house quickly might seem like a pipe dream. However provided there are no structural or location issues, and that the asking price is realistic for the local market, the main reason that houses do not sell quickly is usually because the owners have not prepared them for the market. By doing a small amount of work up front, many homeowners find that their properties sell much more quickly and easily than they might have expected.


The first step is to realise that, even though it is not yet sold, you should not think of this house as your home any more. It needs to become a space that potential buyers can see as their own home, and this usually means removing and storing your quirkiest and most interesting decorations. While you may love your collections of ornaments or memorabilia, buyers may well see them as clutter. Similarly, children’s toys should be minimised if possible, and you should invest in some storage for getting them out of sight for any viewings if not.

Wall hangings should be considered in the light of others’ potential taste, but if you remove anything from the walls, try to add something more neutral in its place; a bare picture hook will only invite questions, not admiring looks. Consider investing in extra mirrors, if they would go with the décor, as these can make a room appear bigger, improving its appeal.

Clean and clear

Your house should be in as close to showroom condition as feasible for all viewings. If you have the time and resources, make sure that the décor is touched up, preferably in neutral colours, to ensure that any buyers feel that they could move straight in, even if they would then choose to personalise the rooms again. At a minimum, give the house a thorough clean, including external paintwork and windows, and then make sure it is as immaculate as possible for each and every viewing.
Make sure that any outstanding DIY jobs are complete. Items that may seem minor while living in a property can take on much greater significance when looking for a new one, so ensure that all hooks are in place, all shelves are hung, and that the outdoor work, such as mowing the lawns, tidying the yard or oiling squeaky hinges, is done to a reasonable standard. Ask yourself if you would buy a property in this condition at the asking price, or if you would demand a discount for the jobs you could see still needed to be done.

Setting the scene

Making sure that all areas of the property have adequate lighting is vital; dark corners look suspicious to cautious buyers. You may wish to invest in slightly higher wattage bulbs than you would use as standard, to emphasise that you have nothing to hide. Spot lighting such as table or standard lamps can also perform this function.
Other ways to present your cleaned and cleared property in its best light include checking for odours and neutralising or removing them, adding touches like fresh flowers in one of the main rooms, and making sure that pets or children are elsewhere or at least quiet during any viewings.
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