Sprung Floors Make It Seem Like Like You Are Dancing On Air

Professional dancers everywhere, know the difference between dancing on a hard floor  and a Sprung Floor dance floor.  In comparison, the Sprung Floor almost seems like one is  dancing on air. The Sprung Floor is suspended over whatever existing surface a room has, and has a slight amount of give to absorb impact shock.  Therefore, dancers can leap with abandon, as they comfortably express themselves with far less chance of injury and pain.

Dancers are safer on Sprung Floors, because there is a soft cushion of closed cell blocks made of foam between the existing hard floor and the new one.  This creates one consistent blanket of resilience across the entire surface of the new floor, one that is yielding and comfortable, one that is a true pleasure to dance upon.  Dancers’ bodies are become less inhibited when dancing on these floors because they can sense that the floor reduces their chances of hurting themselves with the types of stress injuries that come from dancing on an unyielding floor.  In effect, Sprung Floors contribute to making people better dancers.

The use of Sprung Floor for physical movement  is not limited to dancers.  The floors are perfect for any  type of physical activity that lends itself to intense physical activity such as gymnastics, cheerleading or anything else that involves jumping.  These floors make fantastic additions to home gyms.  Ash and maple flooring choices are recommended for dancing, and birch is recommended for other types of activities that do not entail percussive movement styles.

Sprung floors are versatile, too.  They can be cut to fit any configuration for any room.  An additional benefit is that every Sprung Floor is a portable dance floor.  If you need to relocate, each portable dance floor can be removed and relocated.   These portable floors are great for touring dance groups and other groups that partake in physical activities, such as yoga enthusiasts or in commercial or home kitchens.   The company keeps careful track of each Sprung Floors portable floor purchase, and can help customers determine how to reconfigure their purchases for new locations. 

Every Sprung Floors is a great investment!
These are beautiful, comfortable floating floors that come in a variety of lovely wood shades.  Match any décor.  Brighten a room or give it a deep, rich appearance.  There are plenty of choices to suit any preference.  One can also choose from a wide variety of accessories that match the floors perfectly.

People are usually impressed by the workmanship that goes into each floor and the care that the company takes in packing the materials for shipping.  This makes the installation that much easier.  These floors are unsurpassed  in appearance and quality.  Add to that, their durability and ease of installation and you will be convinced that Sprung Floors are the logical choice.

Installation for each Sprung Floor is provided via means of a new, easy-to-follow  installation system that makes laying the floor a cinch.  One need not have carpentry skills to do it, because the floor arrives already cut to fit the space for which it is needed.  The price of the floor includes the installation kit along with a detailed, easy-to-follow set of instructions.  Installation involves the use of a clamp and cable system that virtually anyone can utilize.  The results are a flawless, smooth and beautiful floor that anyone would be proud to own.

For more information about Sprung Floors, please visit O’Mara Sprung Floors  for complete details about the variety of floors offered, their pricing and installation details.  It may turn out to be the best decision you have ever made for your home or business.

This is a guest post by Jonathon Blocker. To learn more about Sprung Floors Click Here