Stadium Eating: What to Eat at the Ballpark this Summer

Going to the ballpark is always a great time. There is no better way to spend a summer evening than taking in a baseball game with your friends or family. Good food just makes it an even more enjoyable experience. What type of food should you try out if you are going to the game?

Typical Ballpark Food
This is fare that you will find at any ballpark. However, for anyone who hasn’t attended a game, you should know that hot dogs, burgers and pretzels are typical food at the stadium. Fried dough and ice cream are typical desserts that the average fan can dine on during the seventh inning stretch. Cotton candy is also commonly found at most ballparks.
Unique Cuisine 
There are places where you can find food that you wouldn’t expect to see at a game. In Seattle, you can have fresh sushi while you watch the Mariners play. In Baltimore, you can get Boog’s BBQ if you are in the mood for some pork or chicken. Don’t forget to check out the famous Philly Cheesesteak if you are attending a Phillies game.
Outright Crazy
Minor league sports love to thrill and shock fans with an outrageous display of food choices. There is the Krispy Kreme burger that is offered at Gateway Grizzlies games in Illinois. The Charleston Riverdogs over a hot dog that has been dubbed “The Homewrecker.” It had such a legend surrounding it that it has been featured on the Food Network.
Don’t Forget The Toppings
The toppings are what make any food a classic meal at the ballpark. At Citi Field, you can get a hot dog that has pickles, onions and cucumbers on it. Chili dogs are a favorite of fans who attend Arizona Diamondbacks games. That should be no surprise since Mexican food is quite popular in that part of the country.
All You Can Eat
For $30, you can have all the food you can eat at Houston Astros games. This means that you have the entire menu at your disposal. Hot dogs, cheeseburgers and all your other favorites are there for the taking.
Going to a ballgame is something that you should enjoy to the fullest. Don’t worry about the calories in that chili dog. There is nothing wrong with adding a few pounds in the name of having a good time watching your team play. Go ahead and eat your heart out no matter what stadium you are at.
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