Star Wars Robot bb8 Review

Star Wars Robot bb8 Review

Star Wars enthusiasts got their first sight of BB-8 in the unique The Force Awakens teaser. And having merely known droids in the Star Wars world that might either walk, drive, or fly, they were directly captivated by star wars robot bb8 exclusive spherical design, plus that neat floating head that wonderfully never falls off.

It was supposed that Sphero, a firm that’d been making remote control mechanical balls for years, was behindhand the real-life form of BB-8. It was not, however that didn’t stop the toy realm rumor-mill from similarly getting enthusiastic about Sphero perhaps turning its current robotic toy ball into a small form of BB-8.

It’s a little replica of Star Wars: The Force Awaken’s BB-8 droid that could roll and balance all by itself, precisely like the robotic side kick we’ve seen in all the mysteries and trailers up to now.

It goes without saying that maximum Star Wars toys need a healthy amount of imagination to tie the gap among what children are holding in their hands in addition to what they see in the cinemas. Lightsabers through blades prepared of plastic tubes? Whatever a rip-off. But sideways from its little size, Sphero’s small version BB-8 seems to flawlessly replicate almost the whole lot we’ve seen the novel droid do, as a minimum so far. BB-8 moreover tends to wobble a lot, particularly when rolling round on hard, plane surfaces. 

While paired with an app running on your smart phone otherwise tablet, BB-8 can alone explore your homebased, achieve a series of pre-programmed actions, and even reply to voice commands. However at any time you can moreover grab a set of on-screen panels and send BB-8 rolling plus exploring where you want.


Except for the adding of a tiny moving head that continually remains on his body, Sphero’s BB-8 is practically exactly the similar product as the firm’s robotic ball toy. At least in terms of presence.

Bb8 star wars toy body is a flat plastic ball, around three inches in dia, that’s wrapped in thorough graphics that up to now appear to be actual durable. Whereas playing with him for a few days we will admit that BB-8 has had a few unlucky run-ins with furniture plus walls, but there’s not a scrape on him. We don’t distinguish how well he would hold up to blaster fire, but he would easily survive whatsoever perils are hiding in your homebased or office.

On the inside, the inner self-righting device that allows the Sphero ball toward propel itself works alike to how somebody inside one of those giant expandable spheres can hike the walls to get it rolling. For BB-8, this has been elevated with an upright support to holds its head in place using a bar magnet.